Minor Program in Public Law Minor (HBA)

Admissions Category: Social Sciences & Humanities

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Program Overview

The Minor in Public Law examines how the legal system, of which the constitutional order and judiciary are integral parts, governs the relationship both among constituent units of the state and between citizens and the state. It also examines the obligations that states have to one another via international law. Courses in the program address the normative foundations of principles of justice and human rights; the role of constitutions and courts in safeguarding the rule of law, protecting civil liberties, and curbing state power; the constraints to state sovereignty posed by international law and international courts; and the implications of the legal order for democratic and legitimate policy-making.


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Check out future career opportunities and skills acquired from completing this program:

Competencies & Skills

  • An understanding of the law in its broader context
  • The ability to analyze issues from a variety of perspectives
  • Critically analyze problems, think creatively and make decisions while considering different sides of an argument
  • Understand social issues and their relation to contemporary legal questions

Careers for Graduates

  • Policy Analyst/Advisor in Government
  • Research Analyst in Think Tanks
  • Legislative Aide/Assistant in Government
  • Service Representative in Social and Community Government (all levels of government)
  • Lawyer
  • Judge
  • Labour Relations Specialist
  • Law Clerk
  • Legal Aid Worker
  • Paralegal
  • Policy Researcher

Further Education

  • Political Science
  • Policy (many varieties)
  • Administration/Service
  • Business Administration
  • Law
  • Paralegal
  • Public Relations
  • Community Service Management

Program Pathway

Year 1 | Year 2 | Year 3 | Year 4

Year 1
Choose Your Courses Wisely
Develop Your Academic & Research Skills
  • Learn how to read and write academic texts and do your own research; seek support from your professors and TA’s.
  • Book an appointment with your program librarian for in-depth research assistance with your assignments; get writing support at the CTL Writing Centre.

Apply Theory to Practice
Become an Engaged Citizen (Locally & Globally)
Plan for Your Future Career

Year 2
Choose Your Courses Wisely
  • 1.5 credits as follows: POLB30H3, POLB56H3 and POLB57H3.
  • Use Degree Explorer to plan your courses and program.
  • Meet with your Program Advisor or Supervisor to ensure you are on track with your degree.

Develop Your Academic & Research Skills
Apply Theory to Practice
Become an Engaged Citizen (Locally & Globally)
  • Check CLNx (>Jobs & Recruitment) to search for Work Study or volunteer positions on campus to gain experience and to get involved.
  • Gain international experience by studying at an international host university for one term to one year through the Student Exchange Program; visit ISC for details.

Plan for Your Future Career
  • Considering grad school? Speak to professors and advisors early so you are on track.
  • Explore careers through the AA&CC’s Job Shadowing and In The Field programs.

Year 3
Choose Your Courses Wisely
Develop Your Academic & Research Skills
Apply Theory to Practice


  • Apply for an internship at the Coalition for the International Criminal Court to learn more about the International Criminal Court, international law, the United Nations, the role of NGOs in the development and promotion of human rights and other related issues.


Become an Engaged Citizen (Locally & Globally)
Plan for Your Future Career
  • Plan a career path with a staff member at the AA&CC.
  • Check CLNx for networking events and employer information sessions to attend.
  • Attend the Graduate & Professional School Fair in September.
  • Talk to professors about how to strengthen your application for graduate school.

Year 4
Choose Your Courses Wisely
Develop Your Academic & Research Skills
  • Apply for an Academic Travel Fund through DSL to research, present at a conference, or engage with the international academic community.
  • Talk to professors from C- or D-level courses in which you did well to explore research assistantships.
  • Develop your own research project by enrolling in POLD95H3.

Apply Theory to Practice
  • Attend the Summer & Full-Time Job Fair in January to meet with potential employers looking to hire students for relevant summer and full-time positions.

Become an Engaged Citizen (Locally & Globally)
Plan for Your Future Career
  • After you graduate, apply for the Ontario Legislature Internship Program to build a career in government, business, law, or academic life.
  • Attend the AA&CC’s Get Hired job search conference in April/May, and attend a Jobs for Grads orientation for a job search “crash course.”
  • Get your Personal Statement reviewed in the AA&CC.


  • AACC - Academic Advising and Career Centre (www.utsc.utoronto.ca/aacc)
  • CCR - Co-Curricular Record (https://clnx.utoronto.ca/ccr/overview.htm)
  • CLNx - Career Co-Curricular Learning Network (https://clnx.utoronto.ca/home.htm)
  • CTL - Centre for Teaching and Learning (https://www.utsc.utoronto.ca/ctl)
  • DSL - Department of Student Life (https://www.utsc.utoronto.ca/studentlife)
  • ISC - International Student Centre (https://www.utsc.utoronto.ca/utscinternational)
  • LSOU - Law Society of UTSC (https://lawsocietyutsc.ca)
  • NGO - Non-Governmental Organization (https://www.canada.ca/en/environment-climate-change/corporate/transparency/briefing-materials/corporate-book/non-governmental-organizations.html)
  • PSSA - Political Science Student Association (https://utapss.sa.utoronto.ca)
  • SCSU - Scarborough Campus Students Union (https://www.scsu.ca)
  • UTMP - University of Toronto Model Parliament (https://www.flickr.com/people/utmpfashion)


Program Coordinator

Marishka Pereira

E-mail: pol-advisor@utsc.utoronto.ca


Public Law Librarian

Sarah Fedko

E-mail: sarah.fedko@utoronto.ca
Location: ARC main floor
Phone: 416-208-4881


Academic Advising & Career Centre

Location: AC213
Phone: 416-287-7561


Department of Student Life

Location: SL157
Phone: 416-208-4760


Law Society of UTSC (LSOU)


Did You Know?

ResPublica Journal Volume 1

The Law Society of UTSC (LSOU) holds mooting training sessions, workshops, and Bootcamps throughout the year.