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Program Overview

Marketing at UTSC ensures that students take a holistic orientation by developing an in-depth theoretical understanding of the fundamental aspects of Marketing Strategy including the Company, Competition and Consumer, while simultaneously getting a rigorous training in the nuances of implementing Marketing Tactics through the many tools offered by Pricing, Promotion, Product, and Distribution. The Marketing area is also one of the few streams that promotes critical thinking among students by offering advanced courses such as Special Topics I and II, Judgment and Decision Making, and Marketing Models that challenge students to explore more advanced issues and topics. In addition, this is one of the few areas that offers hands-on experience and prepares students to take on Marketing Manager’s role by relying on case studies and market simulation-based courses.

Complementary Programs:

Please visit The Bridge website for more information on our New VentureInnovationand Fin Tech co-curricular programs.

Check out future career opportunities and skills acquired from completing this program:

Competencies & Skills

  • Prepare and make presentations, write detailed reports and convey concepts and ideas
  • Attention to detail
  • Critical and analytical thinking
  • Evaluate ideas and research
  • Understand the competition and the consumer to develop a Marketing Strategy
  • Make decisions and interpret research and data
  • Manage multiple priorities

Careers for Graduates

  • Product Manager/Brand Manager
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Marketing Coordinator
  • Social Media Specialist
  • Advertising Executive
  • Project Coordinator
  • Sales Manager
  • Customer Relationship Manager
  • Communications Coordinator
  • Digital Marketing Officer

Further Education

  • Master of Finance
  • Master of Science in Finance
  • Master of Financial Economics
  • Master of Business
  • Administration
  • Master of Business Analytics
  • Master of Financial Risk
  • Management
  • Master of Financial Analysis
  • Chartered Financial Analyst

Program Pathway

Year 1 | Year 2 | Year 3 | Year 4

Year 1
Choose Your Courses Wisely
Develop Your Academic & Research Skills
Apply Theory to Practice
Become an Engaged Citizen (Locally & Globally)
Plan for Your Future Career
  • Volunteer with organizations to explore your interest in industries related to your program of study; check listings on CLNx (>Jobs & Recruitment).
  • Connect with a Career Strategist in the AA&CC.

Year 2
Choose Your Courses Wisely
Develop Your Academic & Research Skills
  • Consider applying to become an RA (Research Assistant) with the Management Department.
  • Familiarize yourself with all the research tools and data resources The BRIDGE has to offer.

Apply Theory to Practice
Become an Engaged Citizen (Locally & Globally)
Plan for Your Future Career
  • Interested in an entrepreneurial career? Join The BRIDGE’s New Venture Program.
  • Considering grad school? Speak to professors and program advisors early so that you know what to keep in mind.
  • Explore careers through the AA&CC’s Job Shadowing and In The Field programs.

Year 3
Choose Your Courses Wisely
Develop Your Academic & Research Skills
Apply Theory to Practice
  • Apply for an executive position with The Marketing Group (TMG), MESA, or another club.
  • Apply for the Student Exchange Program through the ISC and take entrepreneurship-focused courses that have a work experience with a start-up in Asia’s hottest innovation ecosystem.

Become an Engaged Citizen (Locally & Globally)
Plan for Your Future Career
  • Check CLNx for Networking events and Employer Information sessions to attend.
  • Attend the UTSC Graduate & Professional School Fair in September.
  • Develop professional skills by participating in case competitions.
  • Talk to your Student Experience Coordinator to learn about your options.

Year 4
Choose Your Courses Wisely
Develop Your Academic & Research Skills
Apply Theory to Practice
  • Apply for the Summer Research Exchange Program to research at an international partner university; earn credit and receive funding! Visit the ISC for details.
  • Attend the Summer & Full-time Job Fair in January to meet with potential employers looking to hire students for relevant summer and full-time positions.

Become an Engaged Citizen (Locally & Globally)
  • Participate in the AA&CC’s Partners in Leadership program to learn and network with an alumni mentor about transitioning to work or further education.
  • Consider joining a relevant professional association; volunteer for their events and get to know people in your industry of interest.
  • Join the UTSC Management Group on 10,000 Coffees.

Plan for Your Future Career
  • Discuss your grad school plans with your professors and AA&CC staff.
  • Get your Personal Statement reviewed in the AA&CC.
  • Attend the AA&CC’s Get Hired job search conference in April/May.
  • Attend the Jobs for Grads orientation for a job search “crash course”; find job opportunities on CLNx.


  • AACC - Academic Advising and Career Centre (
  • CCR - Co-Curricular Record (
  • CLNx - Career Co-Curricular Learning Network (
  • CTL - Centre for Teaching and Learning (
  • DSL - Department of Student Life (
  • F.L.I.P. - First Year Learning and Integration Program (
  • ISC - International Student Centre (
  • MESA - Management and Economics Student Association (
  • SCSU - Scarborough Campus Students Union (
  • TMG - The Marketing Group (

Departmental Contact

Liaison Librarian, The BRIDGE

Location: IC383
Phone: 416-208-2987

Academic Advising & Career Centre

Location: AC213
Phone: 416-287-7561

Department of Student Life

Location: SL157
Phone: 416-208-4760

Management & Economics Students' Association

Did You Know?

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All BBA students participate in at least one Work Integrated Learning opportunity prior to graduation.