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French Specialist (HBA)

Program Overview

U of T Scarborough French students will study both the structure and mechanics of the French language, and will also learn practical French for business and everyday use. Studies in French allow for a wide range of interests: French history and culture; the enhancement of practical language skills including translation; the study of how the language is structured and how it evolved and spread; the development of approaches to the teaching of French; and the exploration of the rich literature and cultures of the francophone world.

Complementary Programs: LinguisticsPsycholinguisticsEnglishEnglish Chinese TranslationManagement and International BusinessPublic PolicyPolitical Science

Check out future career opportunities and skills acquired from completing this program:

Competencies & Skills
  • Communicate effectively and spontaneously in spoken and written French
  • Understand and analyze literary texts and other media
  • Translate
  • revise and edit documents
  • Understand and apply linguistic theories
  • Conduct independent research in French
  • Recognize
  • interpret and use socio-cultural cues
Careers for Graduates
  • Foreign Service or Immigration Officer in Government Services
  • Translator in Technical Writing
  • Tour Operator in Travel and Leisure Services
  • Research Associate in Publishing
  • Donor Relations Coordinator in Charities
  • Case Manager in Social Services
  • Communications Assistant in Public Relations
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Human Resource Assistant
Further Education
  • French Literature
  • Linguistics
  • Translation
  • Speech Language Pathology
  • Education
  • Law School
  • Paralegal Studies
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing

Program Pathway

Year 1 | Year 2 | Year 3 | Year 4

Year 1
Choose Your Courses Wisely
  • 1.0 credit as follows: FREA01H3FREA02H3. French Immersion/Francophone students will start at either FREB01H3 or FREC01H3. If you have advanced proficiency, please contact the Associate Chair for placement.
  • Explore different kinds of courses; this will also help with fulfilling breadth requirements and electives.

Develop Your Academic & Research Skills
  • Schedule an appointment with your Program Librarian for in-depth research assistance with your assignments.                                            
  • Get writing support at the CTL Writing Centre.

Apply Theory to Practice
Become an Engaged Citizen (Locally & Globally)
Plan for Your Future Career

Year 2
Choose Your Courses Wisely
  • 1.0 credit as follows: FREB01H3FREB02H3.
  • 2.0 credits in French Linguistics and 1.5 credits in Culture and 1.0 credit in French Literature (see UTSC Calendar for course lists) - taken in year 2 to 4 depending on course level.
  • 1.0 credit as follows: FREB50H3FREB35H3 and 2.0 additional credits in Literature (see UTSC Calendar for course lists).

Develop Your Academic & Research Skills
  • Seek support from professors and TAs during office hours.
  • Check the Research Catalogue on CLNx for possible research opportunities.
  • Volunteer in research labs, hospitals, doctors offices, community organizations, foundations.
  • Consider doing a directed research course.

Apply Theory to Practice
Become an Engaged Citizen (Locally & Globally)
Plan for Your Future Career
  • Gain experience by applying for a summer, part-time or Work Study position via CLNx (>Jobs & Recruitment).
  • Considering grad school?  Speak to professors and advisors early so you are on track.
  • Explore careers through the AA&CC’s Job Shadowing and In The Field programs.

Year 3
Choose Your Courses Wisely
  • 1.0 credit as follows: FREC01H3FREC02H3.
  • 1.5 credits in French courses not already taken (see UTSC Calendar for course lists).
  • Continue to fulfill the Linguistic, Culture, and Literature requirements outlined in year 2.
  • Use Degree Explorer to ensure you are on track with your degree.

Develop Your Academic & Research Skills
Apply Theory to Practice
Become an Engaged Citizen (Locally & Globally)
Plan for Your Future Career

Year 4
Choose Your Courses Wisely
  • 1.0 credit as follows: FRED01H3, FRED06H3.
  • Continue to fulfill the requirements listed in year 2/3 if necessary.
  • Use Degree Explorer to ensure you are on track to graduate.
  • Register your “Intent to Graduate” on ACORN by the deadline.

Develop Your Academic & Research Skills
  • Apply for an Academic Travel Fund through Department of Student Life (DSL) to research, present at a conference, or engage with the international academic community.

Apply Theory to Practice
  • Attend the Summer & Full-time Job Fair in January to meet with potential employers looking to hire students for summer and full-time positions relevant to your field.

Become an Engaged Citizen (Locally & Globally)
  • Participate in the AA&CC’s Partners in Leadership program to learn and network with an alumni mentor about transitioning to work or further education.

Plan for Your Future Career
  • Attend the AA&CC’s Get Hired job search conference in April/May.
  • Attend a Jobs for Grads orientation for a job search “crash course” and for access to full-time job listings.
  • Get your Personal Statement for grad school reviewed in the AA&CC.


  • AACC - Academic Advising and Career Centre (
  • CCR - Co-Curricular Record (
  • CLNx - Career Co-Curricular Learning Network (
  • CTL - Centre for Teaching and Learning (
  • DSL - Department of Student Life (
  • FDSA - French Department Student Association (
  • ISC - International Student Centre (
  • SCSU - Scarborough Campus Students Union (


  • Departmental Contact
    Sean Ramrattan
  • French Librarian
    Deena Yanofsky
    ARC main floor
  • Academic Advising & Career Centre
  • Department of Student Life
  • French Department Student Association

Did You Know?

La Francophonie is a group of 88 member states and governments from five continents sharing French as a common language.