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Get Hired is an interactive, award-winning annual conference offered by the Academic Advising & Career Centre (AA&CC). It is designed to equip upcoming and recent U of T graduates with the necessary strategies, tools, skills and confidence to find and keep work. This three-day conference includes interactive workshops, panel discussions, keynote speakers and networking events. Get Hired usually takes place in late April each year. You can get a "taste" of Get Hired from Prof. Steve Joordens' 2015 talk on the brain/body connection to career success.

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You will hear from:

  • Hiring Managers and Recruiters, who will share their top advice for job search success
  • Alumni and UTSC staff who want to share their professional stories and job search wisdom
  • Experienced career advisors who have helped thousands of UTSC graduates to find work

Session Topics Include:

  • Get Job Searching - job search and career planning tips and strategies
  • Get the Picture - personal branding techniques and get your LinkedIn profile photo
  • Getting Hired - industry and job search trends
  • Getting it in Gear - workplace professionalism and fitting in
  • Get Talking - communication is key to teamwork and 'clicking' with your boss
  • Get the interview - interviewing strategies for success
  • Get connected - networking techniques and opportunities to engage with UTSC staff, employers, and U of T alumni.

Who Can Participate?

Students in Year 3 or 4+ of their degree (i.e., around 14 or more credits completed), as well as recent U of T graduates (undergraduate or graduate) up to 2 years after graduation, should attend.  Preference will be given to recent graduates and students in their graduating year. Although this is a UTSC initiative, we are pleased to offer a limited number of spaces for UTM and St. George students. Please register early via the Career Learning Network (CLN).

What Does It Cost?

A conference like this through a private company would likely cost $500 or more - and you can attend free of charge thanks to TD Insurance and the AA&CC!


Get Hired participants are also pre-registered to attend Leader2Leader: Development and Alumni Relations’ 1-day conference featuring prominent leaders and entrepreneurs in business, entertainment, and other fields.

Registration is FREE – find the details inside the Get Hired registration in the Career Learning Network! (follow the steps below)

How Do I Register?

Registration will be available via the Career Learning Network starting March 1, and ending April 24 at 9am.

  1. Log into CLN (or if you are already logged in, click here to go directly to the registration page)
  2. Click on Events & Workshops
  3. Click on Special Events
  4. Click on Conference Attendee (UTSC) (note: grad students should choose UTSG) and complete the registration survey.
  5. Put April 25-27 (Get Hired), and we hope April 28 (Leader2Leader), on your calendar, in your agenda, and in your phone!

UTSC Get Hired 2017

There will be online tools that participants will be expected to review on topics like:

  • Self-Assessment - EI training course
  • Personal Branding and Social Media - Videos
  • Resume Writing - Resume Building Tool

Sessions will be recorded and made available to graduate students for 1 year after the event. 

April 25
Day 1: Get to Know Yourself

April 26
Day 2: Tools for Getting Hired

April 27
Day 3: Get Connected

Registration: 8:30-9:15 at AA112

: 8:45-9:15 at AA112

: 8:45-9:15 at AA112

9:30-9:45 - Welcome from special guest and Overview of Conference by AA&CC

9:30-10:15 - (Keynote Speaker) Fuad Abdi (LinkedIn) 

9:30-10:15 - (Keynote Speaker) Kim Tull (Social Justice)

Get It Together
Personality Dimensions
(Career Diamensions)
Includes a 15-minute coffee break

Coffee Break

Coffee Break


Get Job Searching 
Job Search Part 1
See Nametag for Room (AA 2nd
Also online resources to be reviewed
before conference

Get Job Searching 
Job Search Part 2
See Nametag for Room (AA 2nd
Also online resources to be reviewed
before conference

Get Talking
Small Talk and Creating Your
Elevator Pitch
See Nametag for Room (AA 2nd floor)

Get the Picture 
Photo Booth (get professional-looking head shot for social media)
Lunch (Provided)


Lunch (Provided)
Meeting Place

Getting Hired 
Panel of Recruiters who fill technical,
operational, service, and other roles

Get Your Pitch Together
Testing Your Elevator Pitch
See Nametag for Room
Note: at 2pm sharp all participants return
to AA112 for an Elevator Pitch

1:30-2:15 - (Keynote Speaker) Robin Taub (Varied career path of a CPA)


Getting into Gear
Cultural Capital in the Job Search and Workplace (Guest Speaker) - Kathy Liddle (Social Capital)


Get the Interview 
Interviewing Strategies from the Pros (Demo Interview Session)
See Nametag for Room (AA 2nd floor)

Get a Helping Hand
Closing Remarks, Awards, Resource Fair, Lunch

Get Connected 

2:30-4:00 - Networking Café (Staff at UTSC, Alumni)

Get the Picture
Photo Booth (get professional head shot for social media)
Meeting Place

Questions about Get Hired? Please email us!

Get Hired is made possible with the generous support of U of T's Affinity Partner, TD Insurance: