Job Shadowing Program: Career Areas

Participating in the Job Shadowing Program allows you to explore a career area of interest. If you are undecided about your career placement choice, your campus Career Centre can suggest workshops and resources to assist you in discovering your options. You can also use online resources including Career Cruising, accessible via CLN under Resources

Each year, the program places hundreds of students in a diverse variety of career areas. We encourage you to apply in the career area that you are most interested. Some of the more popular career areas include health care (doctors, nurses, technicians), lawyers, teachers, however you are not limited to these areas. Please review the following restricted career areas before you submit your program registration form (provided at the orientation session).

Career Areas where Job Shadowing Placements are Not Possible

  • Airport Services/Customs/Immigration: Due to security reasons placements with pilots and other airport personnel are not possible.
  • Consulates and Embassies: Due to security reasons, placements are not possible in any consulate or embassy.
  • Policing: Accompanying police officers in police cruisers is not permitted. For most policing agencies, a placement is usually restricted to an information session.

Career Areas Restricted to Informational Interviews/Tours

  • Accounting: February through May is audit, tax, RRSP, and fiscal year-end periods in Canada. For this reason, large accounting firms will not sponsor Extern Job Shadowing Program participants during that period. On occasion, the program has been able to organize group information sessions with accounting associations.
  • Investment Banking/Corporate Banking: The banking sector is regulated by privacy legislation. Participants will not be placed with sponsors who have access to financial data, such as those in investment and retail banking. Most placements in this area are restricted to informational interviews.
  • Management Consulting: Due to confidentiality issues, placements in this career area are rare and are limited to informational interviews.
  • Forensic Sciences: Placements are restricted to tours and presentations. Watch for In the Field and Explore It! opportunities on CLN in our Events and Workshops.
  • Psychology/Psychiatry/Formal Counselling: Exposure is usually limited to informational interviews due to confidentiality issues. An Informational Interview database is expected soon!

Other Program Restrictions

  • Medical-related placements: While we have found placements in many different medical areas (including nursing, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and some doctors), there are a number of privacy regulations in this industry. Participants will not have access to any medical records. In addition, it is rare to sit in on appointments with sponsoring doctors, dentists or nurses, since patients always retain the right to refuse any job shadowing during their care. In addition, placements are not possible inside operating rooms and emergency rooms.
  • Newspapers and Publishing: Large newspapers and magazines do not usually participate in job shadowing programs (they restrict their activity to formal internships). Placements may be possible in smaller publications.
  • Pharmaceutical/Biotech Research: These organizations have various confidentiality and safety concerns. Placements may be possible in hospital or university labs.
  • Software Development: Confidentiality issues and competitor concerns means that sponsorship by the software development industry is limited.
  • Teaching/Placements in schools: Most schools require that you have a recent police check. Police checks can be done at the Toronto Police Services Head Office (40 College Street). Further information is available on the Toronto Police Services website.