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HIS Mentorship

Black male student writing notes in a school yard with two students blurred in background

You made it to your biggest step towards a successful future, so how do you keep the momentum going?

How It Started (H.I.S) Mentorship Program supports first year Black men at UTSC in the areas of academics, professional development, civics & leadership. Through this program, students will develop and sharpen the tools needed to:

  • Create academic plans to progress in their programs and advocate for oneself within academic spaces
  • Identify areas of interest and strength and build capacities in both areas
  • Map, maintain and increase professional networks which align with professional and career goals

How It Works

How It Started is a group mentoring program supported by upper year mentors. Theses mentors can support you and share their knowledge and experiences with you as you navigate your transition to UTSC. Each week you will meet virtually to discuss a variety of topics like:

  • Time management and productivity
  • Microaggressions in the classroom
  • Mental health and masculinity
  • Communicating with professors and employers

Register now:

Share your educational and cultural experiences

We are hiring! As a senior UTSC student you have the skills, motivation and background to impart knowledge onto mentees about academic choices, to take action in their learning and foster a supportive learning community for Black men on campus.

How it Started Mentors will facilitate culturally sensitive weekly group based workshops on navigating the transition to post secondary education for first year students.

We welcome all UTSC student applicants. Preference will be given to Black candidates (which include, but is not limited to candidates of African, Canadian, or Caribbean descent) who have lived experience as a Black person.

Work Study Application open now on CLNx > Students > Login with UTORid > Jobs & Recruitment > Work Study - Job ID: 184365