Government Work Opportunities

Why Work for the Government/Public Service?

  • According to the 2012 Statistics Canada survey, over 1.4 million Canadians were employed directly by federal, provincial, and local governments
  • There are also over 1.9 million positions in other public institutions including health and social service institutions (including hospitals), and educational institutions and an additional 300,000 positions in government enterprises
  • Public Services are considered relatively stable employers, demonstrated by many long-serving employees
  • There is a tremendous variety of positions available in the government from virtually every career area and in all geographic regions

Jobs with the Federal Government

Jobs with the Provincial Government

Jobs with the Municipal Government

Jobs with Government Boards and Agencies

There are thousands of boards and agencies in Canada. Please research each individual board and agency to determine their hiring process.

City of Toronto Boards and Agencies – (in the Search box type in “Directory of Agencies and Corporations”)

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Please note: While every effort is made to avoid errors, information is subject to change. This tip sheet is intended as an informational document only.

Last update: September 2014