French Resources

Why study French at UTSC?

For more information on the benefits of learning French and the French program at UTSC see this information sheet.

L’Association Française

This is an on-campus organisation which puts together meetings throughout the year to watch French films and gives students the opportunity to meet, mingle and practice their French communication skills. (Meeting times are announced on the intranet).


This is a grammar assistance website. You can type in any verb and it will provide you every conjugation in any verb tense. There are also links to help students learn different rules pertinent to the French language, as well as some exercises so they can practice difficult French concepts (especially those that aren’t as common in English).


Students can input text and the Bonpatron website will highlight spelling and grammar mistakes, calling the students’ attention to these mistakes so that they can correct them.

Newspaper/Magazine Websites:

Television Stations available on the Internet:

The newspaper, televison and other media websites above are suggestions of sites completely in French which display French programming (as well as regular TV shows and news in French). These are a good practice for students looking to improve their French by immersing themselves in the language.

Students are also encouraged to read books in French, starting with books they have already read in English. This gives them a foundation of knowledge about the book so that they can try to figure out new vocabulary while reading it in French.

Socratic by Google

This is a helpful free app that offers help on a variety of biological related concepts. Socratic also has the function to take pictures of problems and offers possible help to solve them or connect to resources to help. The app includes videos, step-by-step explanations and external resources.

UTSC Library Resources

Online Journals, for research; Citation Finder; Research help from Librarian, (can book appointment); Book Locater