Faculty Collaborations

The Academic Advising & Career Centre (AA&CC) is UTSC’s central academic and career advising department. Our aim is to connect and collaborate with faculty to support students development of skills and experience. We have launched our new Specialties model to strengthen our alignment with the academic department. Although we continue to serve all students in a robust centralized model, we have identified key contacts for each academic department to foster connections and collaborations.

AA&CC Contact List

Programs and Services

  • Workshop: In and out-of the classroom, tailored presentations on topics such as study skills, academic integrity, the Learning & Study Strategies Inventory (LASSI), and career exploration and planning
  • Assisting faculty with student referrals for academic policy and process clarification, including degree requirements, academic standing and petitions
  • Joint consultation and referrals for students in academic jeopardy
  • Coordinating and assisting UTSC faculty with the Work Study program, and promoting experiential learning and research opportunities to students

Desired outcomes

  • Ensure faculty and students are able to make full use of the resources on campus
  • Strengthen students' academic performance and increase student engagement
  • Reinforce clear expectations for student accountability and success
  • Support students in making well-informed academic and career decisions
  • Improve students’ “fit” within their chosen academic program(s)
  • Support students in their post-graduate education and career pursuits

Request a Presentation?

To request a presentation or collaboration, please complete the request form at least 3-4 weeks before the event.

Examples of Previous Collaborations with Faculty

Choosing Your Program Month

With the aim of supporting students in making well-informed academic program choices, the AA&CC partners with UTSC faculty across the various disciples to promote open houses, workshops, panel/information sessions, and faculty office hours for students during Choosing Your Program Month in March each year. Through these various events and resources, students are able to get first-hand information about the vast array of academic programs that UTSC has to offer. Choosing Your Program Month also supports academic departments in their internal recruitment efforts.

AIM to Meet University Expectations, Academic Integrity Matters Workshop

Together with the Centre for Teaching and Learning, International Student Centre and the Dean’s Designates for the Administration of the Code of Behaviour on Academic Matters, the AA&CC’s Academic & Learning Strategists work to promote academic integrity on campus. This group of campus colleagues collaborate to facilitate academic integrity workshops throughout the year, which cover the following topics:

  • How are sources viewed in cross-cultural settings?
  • What is plagiarism at UTSC and how can you avoid it?
  • Time management and motivation strategies.
  • Managing digital sources and intellectual property

The workshop is endorsed extensively by faculty members, many of whom attach a percentage point or bonus marks for student attendance.

Teaching Study Skills in the Classroom

The AA&CC’s Academic & Learning Strategists and the Study Skills Peer Coaches are invited into various class across academic disciplines at UTSC to facilitate sessions/workshops and share strategies on how to take notes, prepare for exams and manage their time. We also engage with classes to assess students’ study skills.  By going into the classroom, the strategists and coaches are able to collaborate with faculty to reinforce for students the importance of study skills and exam preparation.

Career Event Collaborations

Over the last few years, we have worked with faculty members on numerous panels for students in in various academic programs, including women’s and gender studies. Our goal is for students enrolled in these programs to engage with former students, professors, and staff in this field to learn about professional and career options. Additionally, we collaborate on preparing students in the humanities programs for professional and graduate schools. By working together, we continue to work towards bridging the gap between student service professionals and faculty.

Testimonials from UTSC Faculty

"Before I meet with students who are alleged to have committed an academic offence, I recommend that they meet with an advisor Academic & Learning Strategist in AA&CC. Many of these students can also benefit from academic counselling to help them avoid a further offence. We are trying something new. In collaboration with AA&CC and other services, I have been able to meet with students before they commit an offence. I have great hopes that this will help students understand how to achieve academic integrity." - Professor Eleanor Irwin, Dean's Designate, Administration of the Code of Behaviour on Academic Matters

"UTSC's efforts to help students understand and avoid plagiarism took a step forward in 2010-2011 through an extensive collaborative project that united the efforts of AA&CC, the Writing Centre, English Language Development, the International Student Centre, and the Dean's Designate.  By working together, we not only created a multi-faceted anti-plagiarism seminar for students, but also developed a learning community for faculty and staff that will continue to foster UTSC's culture of academic integrity." - Sheryl Stevenson PhD, Lecturer, Writing Support

"In my teaching and leadership in women's and gender studies, my collaboration and planning with Mariam Aslam (AA&CC) has been very rewarding and enriching for students. I have asked Mariam to join panels with WST faculty as an alumni of WST and student advocate. She has been a positive voice for student skills development on panels, jointly-developed workshops on career planning, and work-life balance for graduate students. We have collaborated on initiatives throughout the term to support WST students." - Nancy Johnston, Senior Lecturer, Humanities / Writing Support and TA Services Coordinator, CTL