Degree & Program Planning

To complete your degree at UTSC, you must complete both the degree and program requirements. The Academic & Learning Strategist is available to show you how to monitor your progress. However, students are responsible for tracking their program and degree requirements.  Please note that the final degree confirmation is completed by the Registrar’s office.

Follow these 4 easy steps to understand degree planning:

  1. Watch the Degree & Program Planning Module.
  2. Download the appropriate Degree Checklist.
  3. Download the appropriate Program Checklist and Instruction.
  4. Use Degree Explorer to track your progress and ask specific questions related to your degree and program plans.

    Need more help? Book an appointment with an Academic & Learning Strategist by calling 416-287-7561 or you can drop by our centre (AC213).

Print copies of the Degree and program checklists are available at the AA&CC resource centre (AC213).

Path to Graduation
View Degree Planning module transcript

Degree Checklist

You can follow the degree requirements from the year you started your degree at UTSC. Select the degree checklist from the following list. You can log into Degree Explorer to see when you started your degree. . E.g. If you start your degree in 2014, download the 2014-2015 degree checklist.

If you started your degree prior to 2009, consult with an Academic & Learning Strategist.

Program Checklist

Select the program checklist based on the program combination you are completing. If you are completing more than one program, this will help you to keep track of your 12 distinct credits requirement.

For more information please visit the FAQ page.

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