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New Media Studies Major and Media and Communications Studies majors

First year students should enrol in the following courses.

  • Major in Media and Communication Studies – Media Stream
    MDSA10H3, MDSA11H3 and MDSA13H3
  • Major in Media and Communication Studies – Journalism Stream
    MDSA10H3, MDSA11H3, JOUA01H3 and JOUA02H3
  • Major in New Media Studies
    MDSA10H3 and MDSA13H3

The Calendar may recommend students to enrol in MDSA01H3 and MDSA02H3 for these programs, but they are no longer offered.

MDSA12H3 is listed as a co-requisite for MDSA10H3 in the Calendar, but students do not need to enrol in MDSA12H3. MDSA12H3 will not be offered in Fall 2024/Winter 2025.

Pre-enrolled courses

Students admitted into the following admission categories will be pre-enrolled into the courses required for programs. Check ACORN for pre-enrolled courses in mid-June. Your ACORN login information is same as your JOINid login.

Review pre-enrolled courses

  • Management
  • Management Co-op
  • Management International Business Co-op
  • Double Degree: Management & Statistics 
  • Double Degree: Management & Statistics Co-op
  • Computer Science
  • Computer Science Co-op
  • Mathematics
  • Mathematics Co-op
  • Statistics
  • Statistics Co-op