Career & Employment Appointments

Employment Peer Coaching Resume & Cover Letter Critique

Employment Peer Coaches are senior students trained to advise you on techniques to improve your job search documents.

  • Meet with a Peer Coach who you can critique your resumes and cover letters
  • Learn how to prepare a well written resume and cover letter

Booking an appointment

  • Log in to CLNx, go to¬†Appointments>Book UTSC Peer Appointment
  • Click on Book by Appointment Type
  • Click on AA&CC Peers - Employment

Drop-In Service (Rapid Resume Review)

Quick reviews of resumes are available between 10am -12pm, Monday to Friday, no appointments necessary.

Mock Interview


  • Practice frequently asked interview questions with a Career Counsellor or an Employment Coach
  • Receive feedback on your performance and suggestions on how to impress the employer

Further Education

  • Prepare for your upcoming professional school interview with a Career Counsellor
  • Receive feedback on your performance and suggestions on how to impress the employer

Employment Coaching

  • Gain up-to-date job search skills and strategies
  • Discuss employment related issues and develop job-search techniques
  • Develop a plan to gain volunteer and work experiences

Career Counselling

  • Discover your strengths, skills and interests, and generate career options
  • Explore professional or graduate school options and develop strong applications
  • Practice interview for employment, professional or graduate school
  • Answer the question, what can I do with my degree?

Booking an appointment

  • Pre-booked appointments: call 416-287-7561 or visit the Academic Advising & Career Centre (AC213)
  • Same day appointments: call 416-287-7561 for availability or visit the AA&CC in AC213 (please note: you can only book same day appointments in person on the day of)
  • Drop-in: visit us at AC213
  • For a quick question: send us an email