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Assess your Study Skills

Study skills assessment tools are a useful way to learn more about your own learning strengths, areas in need of improvement, and learning style.

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Learning and Study Strategies Inventory (LASSI)

The Learning and Study Strategy Inventory (LASSI) is an inventory that looks at your learning and study practices and attitudes in 10 areas. Attend the workshop to improve your study strategies.

How to complete the LASSI:

  1. Sign-up for the LASSI workshop on the Career Learning Network
    1. Go to and sign-in
    2. Click on the ‘Events & Workshops” menu items on the left
    3. Click on “Scarborough Calendar”
    4. Click on the LASSI workshop that you would like to attend and sign-up
    5. To complete the LASSI assessment online, you must email the LASSI workshop facilitator (indicated on the CLNx workshop description) for the instructions and the password
    6. Complete the LASSI assessment (online) by the deadline indicated on the CLNx workshop description
    7. Bring your LASSI printout to the workshop
  2. Alternately, if there are no LASSI workshops available on the calendar at that time, please call us at 416-287-7561 or drop by the AA&CC front desk for more immediate options.

Learning Styles Inventory

The Learning Styles Inventory gives you an introduction to your learning style, which we use to help you to build on those strengths to enhance your learning.