After Get Started

After you have attended Get Started, consider using the following resources:

Resource Description
Survey Part 2 If you attended a General Programming day for Get Started, please complete the General Programming Survey Part 2.
Course Selection Blitz Meet one-on-one with a Get Started coach to review your timetable.
Online Chats Chat with an Academic Advising staff member about your courses.
Prep Yourself Workshops Get ahead in September by attending a special suite of academic and career workshops held in the summer!
Course Selection Modules Continue to review the Course Selection Modules to improve your understanding of course selection and academic regulations.
Orientations  Register to attend the many orientations available in late August and early September.
Supports to Get Ahead for September
Academic & Career Advising Syllabus This tool serves as an outline of the steps you should be taking for academic and career success at UTSC and beyond!
Choosing Your Program Guide and Testimonies Familiarize yourself with the Choosing Your Program Guide and Testimonies and attend Choose Your Program month events in March.
Study Skills Resources Here are further services available to help with your time management, reading, note-taking, test-taking and more.
Arts & Science Co-op Handout If you are entering an Arts & Science Co-op program, check out this handout to learn more. Connect with the Arts & Science Co-op Office for further questions.