Accomplishment Statements

Accomplishment Statements for Your Resume

Descriptions of tasks that you have handled in their past work and volunteer experiences are too simple to differentiate yourself as an outstanding performer! We strongly recommend that, instead of task-focused statements, you provide potential employers with a resume filled with accomplishment statements.

Creating Accomplishment Statements

  1. Identify results and achievements from your experiences, and how they benefited the organization you were supporting. For example:
    • Describe a situation in which you solved a problem
    • Give an example of when you created something
    • Describe an instance in which you developed an idea
    • Explain how you showed leadership
    • Recount how you achieved a goal
    • Describe how you identified a need and met it
    • Show how you increased sales or customer satisfaction
    • Tell how you reduced costs, saved time or money
    • Describe how you successfully met deadlines or demands
    • Talk about how your role contributed to team success
    • List any awards or commendations you received
    • Explain what you do better than your co-workers and why this is an advantage to the organization
  2. Write them down! For example:
    • Developed good working relationships with clients, colleagues, insurance administrators, and employer representatives in support of a positive team-oriented environment
    • Compiled and updated database for over 40 accounts while attending accurately to detail and presenting information clearly
    • Organized confidential financial paperwork; processed and verified applications, receipts and expenditures to ensure smooth execution of programs run by the Students’ Union
    • Used analysis and decision-making skills in ball hockey tournaments and leagues to lead the 19-and-over GTA league in scoring and points over the last 2 years

Resume Writing Tips and Tricks

What makes you unique?
Your resume is an opportunity to demonstrate to the employer who reads it how you are unique from your fellow students or graduates. Show it.

Brag a little
The people reviewing your resume may not know you and they do not know yet what an outstanding candidate you are. Show them.

The meaning behind words
Choose the words that you use thoughtfully.

  • “Excellent communication skills” is OK.
  • “Clear communication skills” has a clearer meaning.
  • “Tactful communication skills” may be even better depending on the role you are applying for.

Every word processor has a Thesaurus built in–use it to find more specific adjectives and verbs! (e.g., MS Word–access it on a Windows computer with Shift+F7.)

Last update: July 2016