Academic Probation - The Next Step

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Academic Probation - Defined

Students who have attempted at least three full credit equivalents and have a cumulative GPA of less than 1.60 are placed on academic probation.

  • You will clear probation, and be placed in Good Standing, when your cumulative GPA rises to 1.6 or above.
  • Until this happens, if you have a sessional GPA (based only on the grades in courses taking during a single session) of less than 1.60, you will be suspended.
  • If your sessional GPA is 1.6 or above, but your cumulative GPA remains below 1.60, you will remain on Academic Probation, but you are allowed to continue to take courses. In this case, your status is Continued Probation.

What Does Academic Probation mean?

Academic Probation is a warning signal. It indicates that your performance was below the minimum standard set by the University of Toronto (UofT). It should signal to you that something needs to change. These changes may include:

  • Changing your program of study
  • Improving your study habits
  • Reducing your course load
  • Reducing the number of hours at your part-time job

When a student is placed on Academic Probation they may continue taking courses at the University of Toronto Scarborough (UTSC) or any of the other UofT campuses. 

Policies and Procedures governing students on Probation

Students placed on probation are required to take a course load that does not exceed 2.0 full credit equivalents per session.

  • Upon notification of probation, students will be allowed to register in a maximum of 2.0 full credit equivalents (4 standard half credit (H) courses). The restriction will be lifted and you may take a regular course load once you have either cleared your probation or you are allowed to continue on probation (because you have achieved a sessional grade point average of at least 1.60). Please note: students who contravene this rule will be removed from ALL current and future session courses.
  • While on probation, students must meet with a university service provider to discuss the reasons which led to the probation and to plan strategies to improve academic performance. A list of appropriate service providers may be viewed on the following website at:
  • For further information on probation and suspension please read the information on the Registrar’s website at:

In addition to this tip sheet, please read the section in the Calendar on Overall Standing.

AA&CC Services

The AA&CC offers services to assist you if you are on suspension or probation and want to return to your studies and improve your GPA:

Special Consideration for International Students on Academic Probation or Suspension

  • Consider the rules for off-campus work permit and return it if applicable, with a letter of explanation by mail to: Citizenship and Immigration Canada, 25 St. Clair Avenue East, Suite 200 Toronto, Ontario, M4T 1M2 Canada
  • Understand the consequences of Citizenship and Immigration Canada if placed on “Academic Suspension.” Understand the consequences to the University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP) if placed on “Academic Suspension.”

Please contact the International Student Centre (ISC) at 416-287-7518 or for further advice on immigration policies.