Issue Summaries

Vol. 1, Issue 1, May 2002

1. General Editors Introduction (A. SEV’ER)

2. Too Close to Home, Too Toxic for Children: Mental Health Consequences of Witnessing Violence Against Mothers (A. SEV’ER)

3. Casual Jobs, Work Schedules & Self-reported Musculoskeletal Disorders Among Visiting Home Care Workers (I.U. ZEYTINOGLU, M.A. DANTON & S. DAVIES)

4. Losing Heart: The Estrogen Dilemma - Rethinking Health Research for Midlife Women (Z. ABRAMSON)

5. ‘Posession’: A Feminist Phenomenological & Post-structuralist Analysis of Illegitimate Pregnancy, Pregnant Embodiment & Adoption (N. PIETSCH)

Vol. 1, Issue 2, December 2002

1. General Editors Introduction (A. SEV’ER)

2. Poor Health, Lone-Mothers & Welfare Reform: Competing Visions of Employability


3. Theorizing Public Housing Woman Abuse as a Function of Economic Exclusion & Male Peer Support (W.S. DeKESEREDY & MARTIN D. SCHWARTZ)

4. ‘Private’ Crime in Public Housing: Violent Victimization, Fear of Crime & Social Isolation Among Women Public Housing Residents (C.M. RENZETTI & S.L. MAIER)

5. Sexual Risk Behaviours, HIV Knowledge & Attitudes Among Women Heroin Users in China: Implications for HIV Prevention (Q. WANG & G. LIN)

Vol. 2, Issue 1, May 2003

1. General Editors Introduction (A. SEV’ER)

2. The Demographic Category as leaky Gender Boundary: Implications for Women’s Reproductive Health (S.A. McDANIEL)

3. The Health Belief Model & Safer Sex: Implications for Women’s Health (A.R. TOEPELL)

4. Examining Beliefs About Mental Illness Among African Canadian Women (INGRID R.G. WALDRON)

5. Female and Male Suicides in Batman, Turkey: Poverty, Social Change, Patriarchal Oppression & Gender Links (M. BALI & A. SEVER)

Vol. 2, Issue 2, December 2003

1. General Editors Introduction (A. SEV’ER)

2. Work & Home Physical Activity Profile of Women Workers in an Electronics Factory in the Klang Valley, Malaysia (N.A.M.M. NORDIN, K. SHAMSUDDIN, J. JAMALUDIN & N.H. ZULKAFLI)

3. Relationship Among Women’s Menopausal Life-Cycle Stages, Occupational Experiences & Health (J. Barsky & K. Thorpe)

4. Urbanization, Culture & Hyperactivity: An Exploratory Study of Omani Schoolgirls. M.M. AL-SHARBATI, S. AL-LAWATIYA, S. AL-ADAWI, R. MARTIN, A. AL-HUSSAINI

Research Note:

5. A Small Trail out of Patriarchy: A Progressive NGO & Abused Women in South-Eastern Turkey


Vol. 3, Issue 1, May 2004

1. General Editors Introduction (A. SEV’ER)

2. Abortion & Reproductive Rights Under Nationalist Regimes in Twentieth Century Europe (P. ALBANESE)

3. The Elusive Pregnancy: Choice & Empowerment in Medically Assisted Conceptions (M. BAKER)

4. African American Women’s Emotional Responses to Breast Cancer (P.D. MORGAN, V. MOCK, L. ROSE & J. FOGEL)

5. Women in Masters Rowing: Exploring Healthy Aging  (A.R. TOEPELL, A.M. GUILMETTE & S. BROOKS)

Vol. 3, Issue 2, December 2004

1. General Editors Introduction (A. SEV’ER)

2. HIV/AIDS Risk Behaviours of Young Females in Botswana (V. KRISHNAN)

3. Food Habit Changes in a Group of Immigrant Iranian Women in Uppsala (T.O. KOÇTÜRK)

4. Shifting the Lens: Resituating Women’s Self-Esteem From the Personal to the Political (C. van DAALEN)

Research Note:

5. Gendering HIV/AIDS Prevention: Situating Canadian Youth in a Transnational World (J. LARKIN & C. MITCHELL)

Vol. 4, Issue 1, May 2005

1. General Editors Introduction  (A. SEV’ER)

2. Violation & Denial of Access to Health-rights for Women Involved in Commercial Sex Work in Bangladesh  (Z. ARA)

3. Patriarchal Pressures on Women’s Freedom, Sexuality, Reproductive health & Women’s Co-optation into their Own Subjugation  (A. Sever)

4. Violence Against Women in Renter versus Owner-Occupied Housing: Is Homeownership a Panacea? (D.A. BROWNRIDGE)

5. Overcoming Adversity: Resilience & Coping Mechanisms Developed by Recent Immigrant Women Living in the Inner City of Calgary, Alberta  (J.M. GRAHAM & W.E. THURSTON)

Vol. 4, Issue 2, December 2005

1. General Editor’s Introduction  (A. SEV’ER)

2. Previously Married Women & HIV/AIDS in Urban Tanzania: Sex, Exchange & the Search for Social Legitimacy  (C. LOCKHART)

3. Childbirth Practices, Medical Intervention & Women’s Autonomy: Safer Childbirth or Bigger Profits? (M. BAKER)

4. Barbie Meets the Bindi: Discursive Constructions of Health Among Young South-Asian Canadian Women  (T. GEORGE & G. RAIL)

5. Towards a New Paradigm for Research on Women’s Health  (T. BRYANT)

Vol. 5, Issue 1, May 2006

1. General Editor’s Introduction  (A. SEV’ER)

2. The Deprived, Discriminated & Damned Girl Child: Story of Declining Child Sex Ratios in India (P. RUSTAGI)

3. Levirat & Sororat Marriages in Southeastern Turkey: Intact Marriage or Sanctified Incest? (A. SEV’ER & M. BAGLI)

4. (Re)Gendering Panic: Towards a Critical Sociology of Agoraphobia  (S.Z. REUTER)

5. Breast Cancer: The Importance of Prevention in Public Health  (E. SWEENEY)

Vol. 5, Issue 2, December 2006 (Special Issue)

1. Special Issue Editor’s Introduction  (V. TYYSKÄ)

2. The Broken Mirror: Young Women, beauty & Facial Difference  (F. WHITTINGTON-WALSH)

3. Aggressive Girls’ Health & Parent-Daughter Conflict  (D.J. PEPLER, J. WADDELL, D. JIANG, W. CRAIG, J. CONNOLLY & J. LAMB)

4. From Mothers to Daughters: A Qualitative Examination of the reproductive Health Seeking Behaviour of African American Women (L. WARREN-JEANPIERE)

5. Perceptions of  Intimate Partner Violence Among Young Canadian Women  (M. COGHLAN, I. HYMAN, R. MASON)

Vol. 6, Issue 1, May 2007

1. General Editor’s Introduction (A. Sev’er)

2. Forced Sex & Leaving Intimate Relationships: Results of the Chicago Women’s Health Risk Study (C.R. BLOCK & W.S. DeKESEREDY)

3. Reaching Teenagers Where They Are: Best Practices for Girls’ Sexual Health Education (D.L. BEGORAY & E.M. BANISTER)

4. Mothers Raising Daughters with Cognitive Delay: Reflections on Menarche & Menstruation (B. SALTONSTALL)

5. Maternal Health Care Services in the State of Ceara, Northeast Brazil (A.N. LINDSAY; T. DUBOWITZ, F.M. ANDRADE; J,S. CAMPOS; K.E. PETERSON)

Vol. 6, Issue 2, December 2007 (Special Issue)

1. Special Issue Editors’ Introduction (A. Sev’er & L. Tepperman)

2. Managing the Risks of Childhood Poverty: Changing Interventions by the State (M. BAKER)

3. Canadian Stakeholders’ Views About the Boundaries of Publicly Funded Health Care: What are the Consequences for Women Caregivers? (B.J. GAMBLE)

4. Gender Differences in Cross-Border Work in China: Some Consequences for Family Health (H-K KWOK & R.C. LAM)

5. Gender Differences in Patients’ Perceptions of Physicians’ Cultural Competence in Health Care Interactions (R. AHMED & B.R. BATES)

6. First Time Expectant Fathers’ Attitudes, Actions & Well-Being in Regard to Work & Family Issues (L. STANLEY-STEVENS & R.R. SEWARD)

Vol. 7, Issue 1, May 2008

1. General Editor’s Introduction (A. SEV’ER)

2. A case Study: Retrospective Analysis of Homeless Women in a Canadian City (M.S. RICHTER & j. CHAW-KANT)

3. Living with a White Disease: Women of Colour & their Engagement with Breast Cancer Information (J. NELSON & T. MACIAS)

4. Can Micro-credit Empower HIV+ Women? An Exploratory Case Study in Northern Vietnam (P. OOSTERHOFF, N.T. ANH, P.H. YEN, P. WRIGHT & A. HARDON)

5. Discarded Daughters: The Patriarchal Grip, Dowry Deaths, Sex Ratio Imbalances & Foeticide in India (A. SEV’ER)

Vol. 7, Issue 2, December 2008

1. General Editor’s Introduction (A. SEV’ER)

2. Bringing it Home: Women’s Health Work (P. ARMSTRONG & H. ARMSTRONG)

3. The Private and the Public: Family Ideology & Care of People with Disabilities (T. LeROUX)

4. HIV Positive Women & Health care (D. ROCHON)

5. Women Abuse & Resilience in a Sample of Minority Low-Income Women (S. ALVI, K.A. CLOW, W.S. DeKESEREDY)

Vol. 8, Issue 1, May 2009

1. Special Issue Editors’ Introduction (D. L. GUSTAFSON, D. BULMAN)

2. “It Fucks Your Insides Up”: The Effects of Australian Urban Women’s Opioid Use on Their Sexual and Reproductive Functioning (C. BANWELL, P. DANCE, A. OLSEN, & J. DIXON)

3. Women’s Stories/Women’s Lives: Creating Safer Crack Kits (V. BUNGAY, J. JOHNSON, S. BOYD, L. MALCHY, J. BUXTON & J. LOUDFOOT)

4. Sex Workers Addressing Treatment (S. STREGA, L. CASEY & D. RUTMAN)

5. Mother and Child Reunion: Achieving Balance in Policies Affecting Substance-using Mothers & Their Children (N. POOLE & L. GREAVES)

6. Book Review by P. MACKENZIE: Raphael, Jody. (2007). Freezing Tammy: Women, Drugs & Incarceration

7. Book Review by I. CROWHURST: Guruge, S. & Collins, E. (2007). Working with Immigrant Women: Issues & Strategies for Mental Health Professionals

8. Book Review by T. LARTER: Caputo, G. (2008). Out in the Storm: Drug-Addicted Women Living as Shoplifters & Sex Workers

Vol. 8, Issue 2, December 2009

1. General Editors’ Introduction (A. SEV’ER)

2. Housing and Income as Social Determinants of Women’s Health in Canadian Cities (T. BRYANT)

3. Implications of English Proficiency on Immigrant Women’s Access to & Utilization of Health Services (S. GURUGE, R. BERMAN, V. TYYSKÄ, K. MURPHY KILBRIDE, I. WOUNGANG, S. EDWARDS, L. CLUNE)

4. Exploring Links Between Perceived Health, Social Exclusion & Social Assistance Recipiency in Saskatchewan Single Mothers (R. JOHNER, G. MASLANY, B. JEFFERY, P. GINGRICH)

5. The Effects of English-Speaking in the Household and Immigrant Heritage on Eating Disorder Symptomatology Among Canadian Women & Men (J. A. BOISVERT, W. A. HARRELL)

6. Thousand Faces of Mastocytosis: Mistaken Medical Diagnoses, Patient Suffering & Gender Implications (A. SEV’ER, R. G. SIBBALD, C. D’ARVILLE)

  1. 7.Perceptions of Perinatal Loss: Miscarriage versus Stillbirth (J. M. PLAGGE, J. R. ANTICK)

Vol. 9, Issue 1, May 2010

  1. 1.General Editor’s Introduction (A. SEV’ER)

  2. 2.“I Can Wear White Pants Now”: Exploring Perceptions of Hysterectomy Success (Z. ABRAMSON)

  3. 3.Not Just Another Delivery: Women’s Maternity Care Experiences of Provider Client Relationships (M. ASTON, C. SAULNIER, K. ROBB)

  4. 4.The Marginalization of African Indigenous Healing Traditions within Western Medicine: Reconciling Ideological Tensions and Contradictions Along the Epistemological Terrain (I. WALDRON)

  5. 5.Unraveling In-law Conflict & Its Association with Intimate Partner Violence in Chinese Culture: Narrative Accounts of Chinese Battered Women (W.M.A. CHOI, K.L. CHAN, D.A. BROWNRIDGE)

  6. 6.Book Review by K.B. BOWMAN, KIRSTIN OESTERLE, VALERIE SUFFRON and ESTHER ROTHBLUM: Baird, Karen L. (2009). Beyond Reproduction: Women’s Health, Activism & Public Policy.

Vol. 9, Issue 2, December 2010

  1. 1.General Editor’s Introduction (A. SEV’ER)

  2. 2.Older Women Speak About Abuse & Neglect in the Post-migration Context (S. GURUGE, P. KANTHASAMY, J. JOKARASA, T.Y.W. WAN, M. CHINICHIAN, K.R. SHIRPAK, P.PATERSON, S. SATHANANTHAN)

  3. 3.There’s a Way Out for Me: Insights from Support Intervention for Low-Income Women Who Smoke (M.J. STEWART, K.E. KUSHNER, E. MAKWARIMBA, D.L. SPITZER, N.L. LETOURNEAU, L. GREAVES, M. BOSCOE)

  4. 4.A Review of Psychosocial Factors that Facilitate HIV Infection Among Women Living in Canada & the United States: Implications for Public Health Policy (S. SHARP, A. KHAYLIS, C. KAMEN, S. LEE, C. GORE-FELTON)

  5. 5.Predictors of Unsafe Sex Among At-Risk Heterosexual Women (K.W. ELIFSON, H. KLEIN, C.E. STERK)

Vol. 10, Issue 1, May 2011

  1. 1.Special Issue Editor’s Introduction (T. BRYANT)

  2. 2.Revisiting the ‘Dual Welfare State’: Sickness, Injury & Unemployment Programs in Two ‘Liberal’ Regimes (M. BAKER)

  3. 3.Unsafe and Unacceptable Housing: Health & Policy Implications for  Women Leaving Violent Relationships (N. JATEGAONKAR, P. PONIC)

  4. 4.Applying Intersectionality & Complexity Theory to Address the Social Determinants of Women’s Health (E. McGIBBON, C. McPHERSON)

  5. 5.Social Determinants of Urban Indian Women’s Health Status (J. SHUKLA)

  6. 6.Structural Violence in Long-term Residential Care (P. ARMSTRONG, H. ARMSTRONG, A. BANERJEE, T. DALY, M. SZEBEHELY)

Vol. 10, Issue 2, December 2011

  1. 1.General Editor’s Introduction (A. SEV’ER)

  2. 2.The Geographic Context of ‘Personal Responsibility’: The Spatiality of Employment and Welfare Receipt among Unmarried Urban Women (T.J. HANEY)

  3. 3.Hidden Bodies and the Representation of Breast Cancer (M. SCHULZKE)

  4. 4.The Relationship Between Sexual Coping & the Frequency of Sexual Risk among ‘At Risk’ African American Women (C.E. STERK, H. KLEIN, K.W. ELIFSON)

  5. 5.Gender Differences in Cannabis Use Related Characteristics in High Frequency Using Canadian University Students: An Exploratory Study (N. NAKAMURA, M. DAWE, F. MCGUIRE, K. RUDZINSKI, W. JONES, J. REHM, B. FISCHER)

  6. 6.Leaky Bodies and the Gendering of Candida Experiences (A. OVEREND)

Vol. 11, Issue 1, May 2012

  1. 1.General Editor’s Introduction (A. SEV’ER)

  2. 2.Being Undocumented & Intimate Partner Violence (IPV): Multiple    Vulnerabilities Through the Lens of Feminist Intersectionality (M.E. ADAMS & J.C. CAMPBELL)

  3. 3.Decolonizing Policy Discourse: Reframing the ‘Problem’ of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (G. HUNTING & A.J. BROWNE)

  4. 4.HIV Positive & Pregnant: Defying the Social Order (D. ROCHON)

  5. 5.Tracing the Role of Gender in the History of Breast Cancer Social Movements (E. SWEENEY)

  6. 6.‘Disgusting’ Fat Bodies & Young Lebanese-Canadian Women’s Discursive Constructions of Health (Z. ABOU-RIZK & G. RAIL)

Vol. 11, Issue 2, December 2012

  1. 1.General Editor’s Introduction (A. SEV’ER)

  2. 2.Fertility, Childrearing & the Academic Gender Gap (M. BAKER)

  3. 3.‘Climbing a Mountain’” Stories of Women Living with HIV on Body Imaging (M.V. GIBSON)

  4. 4.Traditional Midwives in Tamaulipas: The Difficult Negotiation Between Traditional Child-Birth Knowledge & the Biomedical System in Mexico (M.C. TORRI)

  5. 5.Male Circumcision: Sharpening the Phallus, Constructing Masculinities, Some Implications for Men & Women (A. SEV’ER)

  6. 6.Book Review: Walter S. DeKeseredy (2011). Violence Against Women, Myths, Facts & Controversies, University of Toronto Press. (178 pp). (Reviewed by A. SEV’ER)

Vol. 12, Issue 1, May 2013

  1. 1.General Editor’s Introduction (A. SEV’ER)

  2. 2.Special Graduate Student Issue Editors’ Introduction (G. EINSTEIN, A. BIRN)

  3. 3.How are Women’s Experiences of Childbirth Represented in the Literature? A Critical Review of Qualitative Health Research Set in The Global South (R. KUMAR)

  4. 4.“It’s not all in my head. The pain I feel is real”: How Moral Judgment Marginalizes Women with Fibromyalgia in Canadian Health Care (M. OLDFIELD)

  5. 5.Women’s Perspectives on Disability, Underemployment & Health (S. S. LEE)

  6. 6.Sex & the Immune Response: Why Taking Sex Into Account is Essential to New Immunoregulatory Approaches for Treating Breast Cancer (A. PODNOS, R. GORCZYNSKI)

  7. 7.I Was Raped: The Psychological Effects of Rape Among 97 Liberian & Ghanaian Women in Ghana (E. ARYEE)

  8. 8.Review of Women and Exercise: The Body, Health and Consumerism (S. GRAY)

  9. 9.Review of a Gendered Innovation: Can a Website Sell the Benefits of Sex & Gender to Scientists? (K. BLOM)

Vol. 12, Issue 2, December 2013

  1. 1.General Editor’s Introduction (T. BRYANT)

  2. 2.The Need for Gender-Based Analysis in Health Research Of Tuberculosis in Canada: The Case of (In)Visible Minority
    Foreign-Born Women (S. REITMANOVA, D. SPITZER)

  3. 3.Meeting the Needs of Uninsured Women: Informed Choice, Choice of Birthplace and the Work of Midwives in Ontario (N. BURTON, N. BENNETT)

  4. 4.Traditional Midwives and HIV/AIDS Prevention in Guatemala: Promoting New Approaches to Reproductive Health (M.C. TORRI)

  5. 5.Stress, Oppression, and Women’s Mental Health: A Discussion of the Health Consequences of Injustice (E. McGIBBON, C. McPHERSON)


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