WCNP 2018 – 30th Annual Meeting

: Symposia :

Note for Presenters: There will be provisions for PowerPoint presentations ONLY, i.e. no slides, overheads, etc. A laptop computer (PC compatible) with a computer projector will be available. The laptop has CD/DVD Rom drive and a USB port for those that wish to load their presentations on this computer.

The Richard F. Thompson New Concepts Session
Chair: Janelle C. LeBoutillier
Participants:  Open to all participants.  PowerPoint presentations on new ideas, findings or techniques. All participants in the New Concepts session MUST load their presentation on the conference computer prior to this session.  Please bring your CD, DVD or Memory Stick to the meeting room one hour prior to the session.

The Neural Basis of Consciousness
Chair: Martin Monti
Participants: Laura Lewis, Hakwan Lau, and Martin Monti

Learning to Aggress:  Neural Underpinnings of Aggressive Behavior
Chair: Nelly Alia-Klein
Participants: Sam Golden, Kent A. Kiehl, and Nelly Alia-Klein

The Role of Lateral Habenula in Adaptive Behaviors and Cognitive Control
Chair: Sheri Mizumori
Participants: Bo Li, Thomas Jhou, Lucas Lecourtier, Aleks Vicentic, and Sheri Mizumori

The Role of Hormones in Behavior, Learning and Neural Plasticity
Chair: Bettina Studer
Participants: Tobias Kalenscher, Natalie C. Ebner, Christian Merz, and Bettina Studer

Endosomal Trafficking in the Pathogenesis of Alzheimer's Disease
Chair: Scott Small
Participants: Randy Nixon, Marie Claude Potier, Gopal Thinakaran and Scott Small

Dendritic Computations and Plasticity
Chair: Stelios Smirnakis
Participants: Dan Johnson, Jeff Magee, Yiota Poirazi, Mike Hausser, and Stelios Smirnakis

Redox Signaling and Pathophysiology
Chair: Tom Foster
Participants: Frederico Sesti, Paul Walton, Cecilia Hidalgo, and Tom Foster

The Richness of Defensive Behavior
Chair: Michael Fanselow
Participants: Jeansok Kim, Drew Headley, Jonathan Fadok, Dean Mobbs, and Michael Fanselow

Exosomes in Therapeutic Application and as Biomarkers of Neurlogical Status
Chair: Michael Chopp
Participants: Zheng Gang Zhang, Dirk Hermann, Tom Foster and Michael Chopp

Time and Hippocampal Memory
Chair: Alcino Silva
Participants: Gyorgy Buzsaki, Jill Leutgeb, Loren Frank, Jelena Radulovic
and Alcino Silva