WCNP 2020 – 32nd Annual Meeting

: Symposia :

There will be 11 Scientific Sessions in total. The list of symposia will be updated as we receive the information from the session chairs.

Note for Presenters: There will be provisions for PowerPoint presentations ONLY, i.e. no slides, overheads, etc. A laptop computer (PC compatible) with a computer projector will be available. The laptop has CD/DVD Rom drive and a USB port for those that wish to load their presentations on this computer.

The Richard F. Thompson New Concepts Session
Chair: Janelle C. LeBoutillier
Participants:  Open to all participants.  Five minute PowerPoint presentations on new ideas, findings or techniques. All participants in the New Concepts session MUST load their presentation on the conference computer prior to this session.  Please bring your CD, DVD or Memory Stick to the meeting room one hour prior to the session.

Saving Six Million Minds?
Chair: Paul Solomon
Participants: Elizabeth Vassey, Michael Pontecorvo, and Paul Solomon.

Evolution of Memory Circuit Architecture
Co-Chairs: Mani Ramaswami and Cory Root
Participants: Donna Korol, Gyorgy Buzsaki, Paul Gold, Marcus Raichle and Sara Burke.

Defining and Investigating Fear and Why It Matters
Chair: Michael Fanselow
Participants: Dean Mobbs, Joseph LeDoux and Michael Fanselow.

Neuroeconomics – from Cells to Networks
Chair: Philippe Tobler
Participants: Paul Glimcher, Angela Langdon, Tobias Kalenscher and Ifat Levy.

Impact of Neurometabolism on Cognitive Health
Chair: Sara Burke
Participants: Donna Korol, Gyorgy Buzsaki, Paul Gold, Marcus Raichle and Sara Burke.

New Ideas on the Role of the Cerebellum in Cognition
Chair: Barbara Knowlton
Participants: TBA.

Taking a Step up the Ladder of Cortical Circuit Organization: From Single Units to Multi-Neuronal Assemblies
Chair: Stelios Smirnakis
Participants: Andreas Tolias, Rafael Yuste, Peyman Golshani and Stelios Smirnakis.

Learning from Human Single Neuron Recordings About Learning and Memory
Chair: Simon Hanslmayr
Participants: Florian Mormann, Leila Reddy, Josh Jacobs, Nanthia Suthana and Simon Hanslymayr.

Additional sessions and speakers TBA