Respiratory Physiology and Neurobiology

Breathing in Extreme Environments

Stephen Reid

    Associate Professor of Cell and Systems Biology
   The Centre for the Neurobiology of Stress,
   Department of Biological Sciences,
   University of Toronto, Scarborough
   1265 Military Trail, Toronto, Ontario, M1C 1A4, Canada
   Tel. 416 287 7426; Fax. 416 287 7676



Annual Meeting of the Canadian Society of Zoologists: UTSC 2009




Research Collaborators

Dr. Kevin Campbell, University of Manitoba

Dr. William K. Milsom, UBC      

Dr. Steve F. Perry, University of Ottawa

Dr. Glenn Tattersal, Brock University

Dr. Kathleen M. Gilmour, University of Ottawa

Dr. Frank L. Powell, University of California, San Diego


Other Research Links

Parker B. Francis Fellowship Program in Pulmonary Research

Canadian Society of Zoologists

Society for Neuroscience

Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada



BGYC33 and BGYC34 (Mammalian Physiology II): Winter 2008

BGYD33H: Comparative Environmental Physiology


Department of Biological Sciences Welcome Lecture 2008 (Wednesday September 3 2008)

McMaster Seminar January 6 2009


Joint UTSC - Centennial College Paramedicine Program (for current students)