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Mail and parcels are delivered directly to a student's unit and/or mailbox. Only the student living in that particular unit will have access to their mailbox, as he/she is issued a key at the start of the session. Please have all information displayed on your letter or parcel, and it would be advantageous to list your contact or cell number on packages.

Mailing Addresses

Indicate the address below in order to receive a parcel.

South Residences
(Aspen Hall to Ironwood Hall)
North Residences
(Juniper Hall to Maple Hall)
Joan Foley Hall
Name: John Smith
Hickory Hall
Unit #: (e.g. H-8-I)
1295 Military Trail
Toronto, Ontario
M1C 3A8
Name: John Smith
Juniper Hall
Unit #: (e.g. J-7-F)
1235 Military Trail
Toronto, Ontario
M1C 1A3
Name: John Smith
Foley Hall
Unit #: (e.g. FH 308)
1295 Military Trail
Toronto, Ontario
M1C 3A8

Receiving Packages

We encourage all deliveries of packages and parcels to be dropped off directly to the student's unit. In the event that the package is undeliverable to a student's unit, the Student Housing & Residence Life Office will accept the parcel, but the Student Housing Office IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR IT'S CONTENTS. The SHRL Office will notify the student via their official University of Toronto email and it will be the responsibility of the student to obtain the parcel immediately. Packages or parcels left in the Student Housing Office for a period of time will be Returned to Sender. PLEASE NOTE: The SHRL Office will not accept any parcel for a student that does not currently live in residence.

Local Postal Outlets

Highland Creek Guardian Drugs & Postal Outlet 364 Old Kingston Rd Toronto, Ontario, M1C 1B0 MAC’s Centenary Postal Outlet 2872 Ellesmere Rd. (Nielson & Ellesmere)
West Hill Pharmacy Inc and Postal Outlet
4410 Kingston Rd. Toronto, Ontario, M1E 2N0
Shoppers Drug Mart Postal Outlet
Scarborough Town Centre

What happens to my mail after I leave residence?

Once a student leaves residence either for a session or due to graduation, it is his/her responsibility to update all contacts of their new address. The Student Housing Office will not keep or store mail for students once they have left residence, all mail and/or parcels will be marked Returned to Sender and sent back to Canada Post.

For more information on how to change your address and redirect your mail; Please visit the Canada Post web site at:

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