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Subject POSt

What is a Subject POSt?

A subject POSt is a program of study. It is a package of courses designed to provide you with direction in a particular academic area. It may be a Specialist, Major or Minor program and is part of the requirements needed for completion of a degree. Some subject POSts have a co-op component to them. For further details about subject POSts, see the Degrees section of the Calendar.

There are two types of Subject POSts:

  • Unlimited Subject POSt - has no enrolment specifications and can be added on ROSI at any time.
  • Limited enrolment Subject POSt - is one where demand exceeds available space. At specific times, students compete for a place on the basis of courses, grades and, sometimes, other criteria. Students apply for these Subject POSts by the deadlines. Choose an alternate "unlimited" Subject POSt(s) (and courses) as back up in case you are not offered admission to the limited enrolment subject POSt you applied for!

What happens if I do not select a Subject POSt(s)?

ROSI will block you from selecting courses if you have completed 4.0 credits and are not active in Subject POSt(s) that are appropriate for your degree.



When and How to Select Subject POSts

When should I select a Subject POSt?
Degree students who have completed at least 4.0 credits MUST enrol in appropriate Subject POSt(s) for their degree beginning in April (dates below) on ROSI. Read Subject POSt requirements in the Calendar before applying.

When do I add Unlimited Enrolment Subject POSts?
Add these at any time, starting in April. Once you enrol, your status will be "active".

When do I apply to Limited Enrolment Subject POSts?
Apply on ROSI during the dates below. Once you do this your status will be "requested". Check ROSI periodically to see if your status changes.

If eligible to apply at the end of: 2015 Winter Session 2015 Summer Session
Application dates April 3 - May 1 July 2 - August 1
Approximate dates that offers are made mid-June mid-September
Deadline to accept offer June 19 September 17

How do I enrol in a Subject POSt?

  • Step One: Read the requirements of the program in the Calendar, and ensure you enrol in Subject POSt(s) that are appropriate for the degree you are pursuing - click here.
  • Step Two: Read the Regulations Concerning Programs of Study (Subject POSt) listed in the Calendar.
  • Step Three: Find out the ROSI Code for the Subject POSt you want (click here). It is important to pay attention to any special application instructions listed beside the code. If you are applying to a deregulated Subject POSt such as Computer Science or Management, read the information about fee implications.
  • Step Four: Login to ROSI. Click "Subject POSt" from the main menu and enter the Subject POSt code.

How will I know the results of my Limited Enrolment Subject POSt application?
Once your grades are available, you should regularly check your Subject POSt status on ROSI. Be aware of deadlines to accept (listed above).

How do I accept my offer to a Limited Enrolment Subject POSt?

  • Login to ROSI to check your status. If you are offered enrolment in the Subject POSt you will be "invited" to enrol. Select "accept"; your status will change to "active".
  • Accept your offer by the deadline (listed above), so you have priority for program related course selection.
  • If you miss the deadline to accept the offer you must wait until the next admission cycle before you can re-apply.
  • Once you accept your offer, review your record and delete any unwanted Subject POSts .

How do I decline the offer?

  • To decline an offer of enrolment select "delete".
  • You may NOT enrol in more than one limited enrolment specialist or co-op program. If invited to more than one, accept the one you want and delete others.

What if I am refused or don't receive an offer?

  • If you are "refused" check the Subject POSt application procedures to determine where you may not have met requirements. Sometimes, information can be found there. Should it be unclear, discuss your status with the Program Supervisor.
  • If you have not already done so, you must add an unlimited enrolment Subject POSt.
  • To explore your options - including alternate programs - the Academic Advising & Career Centre offers assistance with setting new goals.
  • If your status still says "requested" this means a decision has not yet been made about your application - keep checking on ROSI



Management - Coop (BBA degree)

Fees for Management Co-op are charged a Program Fee.

Program Fees
The Ontario government deregulated tuition fees for Management programs and those programs leading to a BBA degree. Fees for these programs, after first year (completion of 4.0 credits or more, including transfer credits) are higher and assessed differently than other programs. The fee you pay depends on when you were first admitted to (and registered in) a degree program at UTSC or the Faculty of Arts and Science - see the section on Fees charged by Subject POSt on the Student Accounts website.

In your first year of study (fewer than 4.0 credits earned), you pay the regular UTSC per course fee. In later years, you pay program fees which are applied according to your full or part-time status in a session:

- Full-time students pay a flat program fee (enrolled in 1.5 credits or more in a session)
- Part-time students (enrolled in fewer than 1.5 credits in a session) pay the program per course fee

Fee Assessment
Once admitted to the co-op program when applicable you will be charged retroactively for all courses completed during your second year of study. When you accept an invitation to enrol in this subject POSt, or when you complete your fourth credit your fees may change to the higher program fee. If you enrol in the subject POSt, check ROSI for your revised balance and pay this as soon as possible. Students with financial difficulties should make an appointment to see a Financial Aid Advisor.

Course Load Changes
Program students who decide to drop to a part-time course load are strongly advised to do this during the 100% refund period. Dropping from full to part-time status during the 50% refund period will result in fee reassessment as listed below:

- 50% of the program fee will be charged
- 50% of the program per-course fees charged according to the credit weight of your existing courses
- Full-time incidental fees charged

Withdrawal from Co-op
Notify the Co-op Office immediately.
It is important to be aware of the deadlines to withdraw from this program before accepting, as there will be no refund of program fees when cancellations occur after the deadline for the relevant session. Any fee reversal will be assessed in accordance with the appropriate student accounts refund schedule. Refer to the for details.