PSYC54: Cognition and Representation
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Course Outline

PART 1: Identifying representations of objects in vision and touch
Jan 4: Kennedy: Pictures and the blind, outline, perspective, metaphor, development
Text: Kennedy p.23, 72-83.
Lecture Notes: please see Chapter 1

Jan 11: Juan Bai: Outline and theories. All possible visual borders. Shadow and Hering
K& Bai (04) Line at shape-from-shadow border tested with stereo. Pn, 33, 653-665,
K&Bai (00) Cavanagh and Leclerc shape-from-shadow pictures? Pn, 29,399-407

Lecture Notes (PowerPoint presentation)
Psychonomics (PowerPoint presentation)
Psychonomics (Motion) (PowerPoint presentation)

Jan 18: Juan Bai: Tactile pictures: PLUS: Sign up for demonstration experiments
K&Bai (2002) Haptic pictures Pn, 31, 1013-1026
Tspace 1021: Chapter 3 & Text: Heller p. 136-145

Lecture Notes
Juan Bai (PowerPoint presentation)
Humera Iqbal (PowerPoint presentation)

Jan 25: Kennedy on: Tspace Chapter 3 & Text : Pring: 114-135, Eisner 62-71

Feb 1: Exam 1: Multiple choice and short essay options: 30% Extra office hours!

PART 2: The development of the ability to draw in sighted and blind
Feb 8: Kennedy: Drawing development
Tspace 1021: Chapter 4,
K. (03) Drawings by Gaia, a blind girl Pn, 32, 321-340

Feb 22: Kennedy: Drawing development
K& Juricevic (03) Haptics and projection: Tracy, adult. Pn, 32, 1059-1071

Mar 1: Kennedy: History: Text: Hayhoe 84-95, Eriksson 96-112.
Philosophy of representation: Lopes, 176-185. Hopkins, 186-199

Lecture Notes
Simon Hayhoe
Yvonne Eriksson
Domenic Lopes
Robert Hopkins

Mar 8: Exam 2: 35%: Extra office hours!

PART 3: Perspective and metaphor in vision and touch
Mar 15: Igor Juricevic Perspective: Results of demonstration experiments
Plus IJ’s brand new theory! Also text: Jansson & Holmes p. 146-153
K&Juricevic (02) Foreshortening gives way to forelengthening Pn, 31, 893-894.

Perspective and Art (PowerPoint)

Mar 22: Kennedy and Tyler Roncero: Metaphor: Plus new theory!
K & Merkas (00) Depictions of motion devised by a blind person: Psychonomic Bulletin and Review, 7, 700-706 Tspace Chapter 7

Three Cubes (Powerpoint)

Mar 29: Kennedy: Classroom & community, Museums: Text 354 to 499: Selections.

Applications of theory of tactile pictures in Axel and Levent (Word document)
Museum programs in Axel and Levent 2003 (Word document)

Final exam in exam period: 35% including 5% short essay on demonstration expts.
Extra office hours in study period. Plus 5% bonus questions if below 50% on exams.

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