The Environmental NMR Centre

    The Environmental NMR Centre is an innovative, cutting-edge research facility solely dedicated to environmental research. The facility, which opened in 2004, houses three NMR spectrometers capable of analyzing solids, solutions, and semi-solids as well as supporting hyphenated applications. This includes a novel capability termed Comprehensive Multi-phase (CMP) NMR that permits analysis of all components (solutions, gels and solids) samples in their natural state without pre-treatment. The Environmental NMR Centre is a globally unique facility with the mandate to support research that will improve the fundamental understanding of environmental processes at the molecular-level.  The Environmental NMR Centre is also a specialized training platform that provides the next generation of environmental scientists with hands-on access with NMR spectroscopy.

    Researchers who use the Environmental NMR Centre develop and apply novel NMR approaches to study the composition and reactivity of various types of environmental samples. The Environmental NMR Centre is also used to study how environmental perturbations may alter organism health (environmental metabolomics).

    For more information about research discoveries made using the technology in the Environmental NMR Centre, please see the research pages for Prof. Andre Simpson and Prof. Myrna Simpson using the buttons below:

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Interested in Environmental NMR?   Please see our book, "NMR Spectroscopy: A Versatile Tool For Environmental Research" 

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