This is MEIO


What is MEIO?

The Medical Education Initiative Organization (MEIO) functions to educate and create awareness at UTSC on the science of epidemiology.MEIO engages youth and adults of all ages with knowledge that focuses on prominent issues or limitations in medicine and education relating to maintenance of health and prevention of disease. MEIO wishes to bring deliberate educational change and new perspectives to others on medicine, disease and illness and especially shed light on the humbling hardships of individuals who suffer from them. MEIO empowers the scientific and general community to explore and take a critical eye on current topics in epidemiology and especially realize the humbling hardships of disease sufferers.

"Learning, especially in this decade of emphasis on nurturing developing minds seems to be at an unusual point of flux; where our eyes are closed to anything that doesn't concern us in the moment, MEIO wishes to change this!"

President of the Medical Education Initiative Organization (MEIO)

MEIO Values

MEIO embodies the following core values in all aspects of our organization:


Create an environment that encourages collaboration, knowledgeable growth, individuality and critical thought.


Maintain the highest level of educational and academic scrutiny when presenting current research.


All members of our organization are driven by their passion for the cause and educational change.


Collaboratively work with students, scientists, sufferers of certain diseases and community organizations to create long term impact in the scientific community.

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