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ENGB02Y: English Literature: Historical Survey (Spring Term)

Instructor: Melba Cuddy-Keane

English B02Y: Dates Additional to Lives and Works of Writers

1740       opening of first circulating library in London
1750       Industrial Revolution "begins" (e.g. 1765 Watt's steam
1789-1815  French Revolution
1792       the September Massacres 
1793-94    the "Reign of Terror" (includes execution 
           of King Louis XVI)

1811       George III declared insane
1811-1820  the Regency
1819       the Peterloo Massacre
1789-1832  Jeremy Bentham develops theory of Utilitarianism

1832       the first Reform Bill--extends vote to many 
           middle class men
1830s      development of the railways
1837       Coronation of Queen Victoria
1840s      the Hungry 40s (Chartists)
1846       repeal of the Corn Laws
1840-60    e.g. of Gothic Revival (Houses of Parliament rebuilt 
           in Gothic style)
1848       Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels publish The Manifesto 
           of the Communist Party (Manifest der Kommunistischen
1848       first Women's College in London
1851       the Great Exhibition (climax of the Industrial 
1848-53    Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood
1859       Darwin's Origin of Species
1867       second Reform Bill-extends vote to many working class
1880       opening of Scientific College at Birmingham, endowed 
           by Sir Josiah Mason
1870s-90s  Whistler's Impressionism (see front cover)

1901       death of Queen Victoria

1890-1915  Frazer's The Golden Bough
1900       Freud's The Interpretation of Dreams
1910       first Post-Impressionist exhibition in England
1913       Stravinsky's Rite of Spring
1918       Einstein's Relativity: The Special and the General
1918-22    Spengler's Decline of the West

1914-18    World War I
1918       Representation of the People Act-extends vote 
           to most women over 30
1920       Women admitted to full degrees at Oxford
1939-45    World War II
1948       Women admitted to full degrees at Cambridge

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