ENGB02Y: English Literature: Historical Survey

Reading Schedule (up to Term Test, Feb. 23)

Week 1

Jan 3

The Romantic Period, 1785-1830
"The Political Background" and "The Spirit of the Age" (pp. 1-5)
Romanticism and Revolution:
William Blake, "The Garden of Love" (p. 38)
Percy Bysshe Shelley, "England in 1819" (p.674)


 Jan 5

William Blake, from Songs of Innocence and of Experience:
"Nurse's Song" (p. 32) & "Nurse's Song" (p. 36)
"The Lamb" (p. 29); "The Tyger" (p. 37)
"London" (p. 39)
[slides of Blake's paintings and engravings]


 Jan. 7

Mary Wollstonecraft, from A Vindication of the Rights of Woman:
Introduction (pp. 101-104)
From Chapter 2:
pp. 105-106: paragraphs 3-7 (on Milton)
pp. 112-113 (about Dr. Gregory)
pp. 116-119 (from "Gentleness of manners" to end of chapter)

Week 2

 Jan. 10

"The Concept of Poetry and the Poet" (pp. 5-6)
William Wordsworth, from Preface to Lyrical Ballads:
"The Subject and Language of Poetry" (pp. 142-44, up to "and his affections ameliorated")
"I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud" (p. 186)


 Jan. 12

Wordsworth, from The Prelude:
Book 1: ll. 269-414 (pp. 214-17)
Book 1: ll. 612-647 (pp. 221-22)


 Jan. 14

 Wordsworth, "Michael" (p. 172)

Week 3

 Jan 17

 Samuel Taylor Coleridge, "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner" (p. 330)


 Jan 19

John Keats, "The Eve of St. Agnes" (p. 777)
Letter to Benjamin Bailey, Nov. 22, 1817 (p. 829)
Letter to Richard Woodhouse, Oct. 27, 1818 (p. 836)


 Jan 21

 John Keats, "La Belle Dame sans Merci" (p. 787)
"Ode on a Grecian Urn" (p. 792)

Week 4

 Jan 24

Samuel Taylor Coleridge, "The Satanic Hero" (p. 400)
George Gordon, Lord Byron, from Manfred (pp. 513 ff.)
1) Act 1, sc. 2 and Act 2, sc. 1 (Manfred and the Chamois Hunter)
2) Act 2, sc. 2, ll. 104-163 (Manfred and the Witch)
3) Act 2, sc. 4 (Manfred and the Spirits, and Astarte)
4) Act 3, scenes 1 & 4 (Manfred and the Abbot)


 Jan 26

Byron, Don Juan, from Canto I (pp. 566 ff.)


 Jan 28

Romantic Women Poets (note: * = photocopy):
Charlotte Smith, "Written in the Church-Yard at Middleton in Sussex"*
"On Being Cautioned against Walking on an Headland Overlooking the Sea, Because it was Frequented by a Lunatic"*
Anne Laetitia Barbauld, "To a Little Invisible Being Who Is Expected Soon to Become Visible" (p. 865); "Washing-Day"*
Joanna Baillie, "Song: Woo'd and married and a'" (p. 870)

Week 5

 Jan 31

The Victorian Age: 1830-1901
"An Age of Expansion" (pp. 891-2)
William Wordsworth, "Steamboats, Viaducts, and Railways" (p. 201)
Matthew Arnold, "To Marguerite--Continued" (p. 1353)


 Feb 2

Alfred, Lord Tennyson, "The Lady of Shalott" (p. 1059)
Matthew Arnold, "The Scholar Gypsy" (p. 1359)


 Feb. 4

 John Stuart Mill, from Autobiography (p. 1022)

Week 6

 Feb. 7

Thomas Carlyle, "Captains of Industry" (p. 970)


 Feb. 9

Charles Dickens, Hard Times


Feb. 11

Charles Dickens, Hard Times




Week 7

Feb 21

The Dramatic Monologue
Alfred, Lord Tennyson, "Ulysses" (p. 1067)
Robert Browning, "My Last Duchess" (p. 1190)


Feb. 23

catch-up class (if necessary)


Feb. 23

MID-TERM TEST: 5:00-7:00 p.m.; Rooms H214 and H216