ENGB02Y: English Literature: Historical Survey

Instructions for the Mid-term Test:

The mid-term test in this course will be written on Wednesday, February 23 from 5:00-7:00 p.m. Students whose last names begin with the letters A-L will write in H214. Students whose last names begin with the letters M-Z will write in H216.

The test will consist of 60 multiple choice questions and 3 short essay questions. Remember to bring a lead pencil with you to mark the SCANTRON form.

This test is worth 16.67% of your final grade. It is extremely important that you write this test at the scheduled time. A make-up test will be provided ONLY in the event of well-documented severe personal emergency, in which the problem is of sufficient severity to make it impossible for you to take the test at the regular time. Since this is an examination-only course, you should make this test your highest priority.

Suggestions for Studying:

Your materials for study consist of:

1) the selections from the Norton Anthology on the reading list
2) your lecture notes
3) the web pages for this course
4) the sections of the Norton Introductions that give general information about the authors or comment on the works we've read

You will probably have developed study techniques yourself. Ideally, you have been making notes and highlighting important lines as we go along. But here are some additional study suggestions:

First read over all your the lecture notes for the section on the Romantics--that is, the first four weeks. Highlight the main topics as you do so, noting in particular any topics that recur or repeat. Then choose the authors or works you most like, and read the selections in the Anthology, along with any introductory materials and with the relevant web page. Pay attention to detail and make sure that you understand each line. As you read, add notes in the margins of your lecture notes (or if you want, in the Norton Anthology itself) to include any new points you notice or remember. As you read the notes on the web page--especially if there are questions--think of the passages in the text that support or answer the points raised on the web page. Go back to the text to check on details.

Then do the same for the section on the Victorians, weeks 5 and 6--note that the selections for Monday Feb. 21 WILL be included on the test.

Then go back and do the same for the authors you've left out on your first pass through.

Make a list of the works in chronological order. Add the important dates of events listed on the web page of dates. Note that I will not be asking you to cite the exact date of a work. You need to know which works were written at approximately the same time, whether works were written before or after other works.

Just before the test, skim your lecture notes for the whole of the term to date, reading the parts you've highlighted. If you added comments to the Norton text itself, or highlighted key lines, look quickly over them too.

Send me an email or come to see me in my office hours on Monday (1-3) if you have any problems.

Tips for the exam:

The multiple choice questions will be fairly evenly distributed, including at least two questions on each class. Don't spend so much time on the first few weeks that you leave no time for the last few weeks. The exam will require you to know something about each selection.

The essay-type questions will be comparative, so you should try to think about connections and continuities among the works. The web page for Hard Times has been constructed to help you to do this. There is also a web page that lists themes and ideas for this course (note that some of these themes will emerge in the NEXT section of the course).

You will be required to write on at least five different works, one of which must be Hard Times. Don't limit yourself to detailed knowledge of only five works, however, since you will have to choose among topics that ask you to compare two specific works. The instruction will be not to write on any work more than once.

How to write a good essay answer:

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