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The Cadotte lab at the University of Toronto -Scarborough focuses on basic questions about species coexistence, community assembly, biological invasions and how multi-species interactions shape ecological communities and the functioning of ecosystems. We apply basic concepts and theory to understanding how human impacts shape biodiversity patterns and how biodiversity in turn affects the delivery of ecosystem services. We have a number of projects examining the importance of biodiversity in urban habitats.
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I welcome enquiries from potential PhD and MSc students interested in any of the lab's research themes. Potential applicants should e-mail Dr. Cadotte a short summary of research interests; A summary of your experiences so far; a list of courses taken and grades; and what your career goals are or what you hope to get out of graduate school. My personal philosophy for supervising graduate students is to foster independence and curiosity. I view the supervisor-student relationship as special and collaborative. I see my role as a source of guidance and as a sounding board for new ideas. While there are no expectations that students will work on the systems I work on, my hope is that we share an interest in some basic questions.
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