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Kerman Laboratory

University of Toronto at Scarborough


Maggie Y. Y. Jing (BSc in Biological chemistry, UTSC)

Vinci W. S. Hung (PhD in Chemistry, UTSC)

Amy Liu (MSc in Chemistry, UTSC)

Xavier X. R. Cheng (PhD in Chemistry, UTSC)

Nicolas Zeidan (BSc in Chemistry, UTSC)

Stephen Varga (BSc in Chemistry, UTSC)

Danny K. Seo (MSc in Neuroscience, UTSC)

Lucas P. Bressan (Undergraduate research student from Brazil, Summer 2014)

Amina Zaheer (MSc in Chemistry, August 2014)

Meisam R. Pour (MSc in Environmental Sciences, September 2014)

Suriya Jahan (PhD candidate in the University of Ottawa, ON)

Anthony J. Veloso (Mondelez International Inc., Toronto, ON)

Devjani Dhar (Hoffmann—La Roche Ltd., Toronto, ON)

Kathy Qi Li (Pharmacy, University of Waterloo)

Xiaoshu Cao (PhD candidate in Chemistry, UofT)

Tiffiny Chan (Canadian Food Inspection Agency, Toronto, ON)

Vladimir Dounin (Apotex Inc., Toronto, ON)

Guneet Sindhu (MSc in Chemistry, Queen’s University)

Christopher Rambihar (Maksteel Inc, Mississauga, ON)

Abhishek Singh (BSc in Chemistry, UTSC)

Sharon Wang (Pharmaceutical Sciences, UofT)

Abbas Kaviani (BSc in Chemistry, UTSC)

Daniel Ting (BSc in Chemistry, UTSC)

Rahul Shegaonkar (BSc in Chemistry, UTSC)

Anuvnithan Arunasalam (BSc in Chemistry, UTSC)

Mehdi Somji (MSc candidate in Health Management, UofT)

Daniel Fiorella (BSc in Chemistry, UTSC)

Julian Ibe (BSc in Chemistry, UTSC)

Angela Hong (PhD candidate in Chemistry, UofT)

Genevieve Canzonieri (MSc in Chemistry, UofT)

Andrea Konstantinof (PhD candidate in Pharmacology, UofT)

Ben Hau (BSc in Chemistry, UTSC)

Shirley Fan (MSc candidate in Chemistry, Western University)

Alexandra Hauser-Kawaguchi (PhD candidate in Chemistry, Western University)

Simon Biao Zhang (MSc in Columbia University, NY, USA)

Hosay Zaid (BSc in Biology, UTSC)

Yuki Inoue (PhD candidate in Applied Physics, Osaka University)

Tarek Ibrahim (PhD candidate in Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology, UofT)





Group picture, Summer 2012

Group picture, Xmas 2013

Group picture, Spring 2014

The way we were...

Our group selfie after a delicious lunch, Winter 2015 (V. Hung, H. Su, A. Liu, K. Kerman, X. Cheng, Luis Cerdeira & N. Zeidan)