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UTSC Training & Development

February 18 Supporting Your Child’s Development – School age (Online Workshop)
February 20 Managing in an Unionized Environment
February 22 De-Escalating Potentially Violent Situations
February 26 Toddler Nutrition - Picky Eaters
March 5 Creating Powerful Messages
March 18 Weight Management and Control: What Really Matters
March 26 Raising Sexually Healthy Children
April 8 Records Management: Fundamentals
April 10 Foundations of Positive Parenting
April 16 Records Management: U of T File Plan
April 23 Understanding the Impacts of Learning Disabilities (LD)
April 25 Bring Our Children to Work Day - (Details to follow)
May 1 Working LEAN - (Details to follow)
May 2 Project Management Bootcamp - (Details to follow)
May 10 Pregnancy/Parental/Adoption/Primary Caregiver Leave Planning Seminar 
June 4 Assertiveness & Confidence - (Details to follow)
June 13 Change Management - (Details to follow)
June 25 Management and Supervision - The Crucial Skills

Human Resources Library

The Staff Library is a resource available to all appointed staff at the University of Toronto Scarborough. We have books related to areas such as Career and Personal Development, Health and Wellness, Financial Fitness, and Family Issues.


Please note that Tuition Waivers are only viable for applicable courses within the University of Toronto, while Educational Assistance may be viable only for applicable courses taken outside of U of T.

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