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UTSC Training & Development

February 21 Navigating Difficult Conversations
February 23 Principal's Healthy Campus Walk
February 23 Making Sense of Mixed Health Messages in the Media
February 27 The Not So Terrible Twos
March 6 Recognizing, Referring, and Responding to Students in Distress
March 22 Principal's Healthy Campus Walk
March 26 Writing for the Web: The Essentials
March 27 Essential Leadership Skills
April 4 Managing Me: Time Management
April 10 MS Excel: Functions & Formulas, Part 1 - details to follow
April 10 MS Excel: Functions & Formulas, Part 2 - details to follow
April 12 Eldercare: The Role of the Local Health Integration Network for the Caregiver
April 24 Project Management, Part 1
April 25 Project Management, Part 2
April 27 Principal's Healthy Campus Walk
May 2 The 4 R's of Conflict Management
May 10 Eldercare: Dementia 101
May 14 Designing Powerful Presentation Decks
May 17 Principal's Healthy Campus Walk
May 24 Decision Making Skills - Part 2
June 8 Respectful Relationships in the Workplace
June 13 Managing Workload Stress
June 14 Parenting Workshop: Ready for Reading - details to follow
June 21 Principal's Healthy Campus Walk
June 26 Management and Supervision - The Crucial Skills

Human Resources Library

The Staff Library is a resource available to all appointed staff at the University of Toronto Scarborough. We have books related to areas such as Career and Personal Development, Health and Wellness, Financial Fitness, and Family Issues.


Please note that Tuition Waivers are only viable for applicable courses within the University of Toronto, while Educational Assistance may be viable only for applicable courses taken outside of U of T.

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