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Clare Hasenkampf

Associate Professor, Biological Sciences




In my laboratory our work is focused on in the structure and function of eukaryotic chromosomes. We are particularly interested in how the specialized chromosome structures found during meiosis allow homologous chromosomes to come together, recognize each other and undergo reciprocal genetic exchange. We are currently DNA and protein purification techniques are being combined with immuno-cytochemistry, light and electron microscopy and mutant analysis to study meiosis in Arabidopsis thaliana (NSERC supported). We are also interested in species with large chromosomes such as lilies. Anyone working with the Hasenkampf group must be self-directed, enthusiastic, and dedicated to working hard to expand our knowledge of the natural world.


Dr Hasenkampf is an Associate Professor in the UTSC Department of Biological Sciences and a full member of the graduate program in Cell and System Biology. As well the Hasenkampf laboratory group are active members of the Plant Cellular and Molecular Processes (PCMP) group at UTSC. The PCMP holds regularly discussions on topics relating to plant growth, development, reproduction and response to stress.



BGYA01 – Introductory Biology


Recent Publications

Substage-association analysis in Prophase I of Meiosis in wild type Arabidopsis thaliana (Brassicaceae). Stronghill P. and C Hasenkampf.   In revision American Journal of Botany

Siddiqui, N.S., Hasenkampf, C.A., Rusyniak, S., and Riggs, C.D. (2006) Disruption of the Arabidopsis SMC4 gene, AtCAP-C, compromises gametogenesis and embryogenesis. Planta 223: 990-997.   Secondary author

Wilson PJ, Riggs, CD and C Hasenkampf. (2005) Plant Chromosome Homology: Hypotheses Relating Rendezvous, Recognition and Reciprocal Exchange. Cytogentic Genome Res 109:190-197.   This was both an invited and a peer-reviewed publication. I was the major author of this paper. Primary author.

Siddiqui NU, Stronghill P, Dengler RE, Hasenkampf C and Riggs CD. (2003). Mutations in Arabidopsis condensin genes disrupt embryogenesis, meristem organization and segregation of homologous chromosomes during meiosis. Development 130 (14): 3283-95.  Secondary author

George S, Behl P, deGuzman R, Lee M, Rusyniak R, Hotta Y, Hiratsuka K, Takase H and Hasenkampf, C. (2002) Dmc1 foci in prophase I nuclei of diploid, triploid and hybrid lilies. Chromosoma 111:96-105.  Joint author, the first author was my graduate student


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