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Cold Climate Research Group

The Cold Climate Research Group (CCRG) at the University of Toronto Scarborough (UTSC) was formerly known as the Permafrost Research Group (PRG). The group was created by William A. Gough and Andrew Tam in 2009. CCRG is tasked with studying the past, present and future trends of climate and current potential impacts of climate change in Canada's cold climates. Our research interests include:

  • Aboriginal issues in northern Ontario
  • Agriculture potential in Ontario's far north
  • Air mass patterns and global oscillations in the Canadian arctic
  • Climate Change Impact Assessment (CCIA) in the Canadian arctic and subarctic regions
  • Climate modelling and statistical analyses
  • Cold climate and ice coverage on the Great Lakes
  • Freeze and thaw cycles of Hudson Bay sea ice
  • Frostquakes
  • Northern environment and health
  • Palsas in the Hudson Bay Lowlands
  • Permafrost change in Canada's north
  • Permafrost modelling
  • Polar bear habitat loss
  • Precipitation patterns in the Greater Toronto Area

The CCRG holds meetings on a monthly basis. During these meetings we discuss our research (including curent issues in climatology and meteorology), facilitate colloboration amongst researchers, integrate advanced statistics, and help students practice oral/poster presentations for conferences/thesis and class. Fore more details on our meetings, please contact William Gough (gough@utsc.utoronto.ca) or Hannah Hori (y.hori@mail.utoronto.ca).

Research Group Personnel

Yukari Hori
Andrew Leung
Slawomir Kowal
Peter McGovern
Rick Siewierski
Andrew Tam
Benita Tam
Changwei Xie