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All mail requiring postage must be accompanied by this form. Please complete, sign and attach this form with all envelopes/ packages. Any envelopes/ packages dropped off in the mail room without this form will not be stamped or processed and will be returned to the department.

Postage Form

On a monthly basis, a list of all postage transactions by date along with a copy of the debit memo will be sent to the Department Contact for any mailings that your department made in the current month.

New or Close Accounts

If you would like to set up a new or close a postage account or have funds/operating accounts that have ended or are no longer to be used for postage charges, please complete the Postage Accounts Form. Please submit this to the Stores Lead Hand at Central Stores, Room S120, phone #287-7590.

All forms must be signed by the authorized account holder. To ensure that all postage charges are charged to the correct funds account, please ensure that you complete the attached form at the beginning of the new fiscal year (May)/grant year (April).


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