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Keys & Locksmith Materials

The FMD department keeps an inventory of all U of T Scarborough keys for the campus. On an annual basis, FMD will send out a key inventory listing to each department for review. This listing will itemize all key codes, related room #, room description, department inventory count for your department.

It is important that you review this and keep a department record of who these keys are issued to. For security reasons, we would like to remind all department administrators who are responsible for issuing keys within your department to ensure that any person(s) who is leaving your department have returned the key(s) back to the department.

The Facilities Management department charges $15.00 for each key cut. Any locksmith materials that Facilities Management is to supply for the work being done by a locksmith is recoverable and will be charged to the department.

This is only if the work being done is not related to building maintenance. A work order request that requires a Locksmith to re-key or install a new cylinder along with keys will only be charged for labour & materials as indicated on the locksmith invoice.

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