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Caretaking & Recycling Services

The Caretaking staff maintains the cleanliness of the majority of the buildings on campus. This is achieved by providing the following services:

  • Removing internal waste including materials for recycling
  • Emergency cleaning
  • Vacuuming and shampooing carpets
  • Cleaning of offices, food areas, conference rooms, and lecture rooms
  • Event clean up as requested by work order
  • Recycling of:
    • Beverage bottles & cans
    • Corrugated cardboard
    • Newspaper, paper, textbooks
Recycling Cardboard Boxes
Flatten and place recyclable corrugated cardboard either by the paper recycling blue boxes, or the designated area in your department.
  • Caretaking does not provide the recycling of fridges, stoves, freezers, etc. Please submit a work order to request maintenance services to remove the above items to the loading area. Facilities Management will contact the appropriate company to remove the freon and tank where applicable and arrange for the disposal of these items.
  • For special requests, i.e. clean up after an event or mopping of an office, please submit a work order form.
  • Normal day to day cleaning is provided at no cost except those extraordinary costs or groups that are listed under "Work Order Recovery" in this guide.
  • Charges for cleaning an area in preparation for an event or cleaning an area after an event are recoverable if additional staff are required on weekends or after hours over and above the regular staff scheduled.
  • Overtime rates for cleaning will apply after hours, weekends, and holidays. There is a minimum charge of 4 hours.

(Source: Operations and Services Handbook: Whom to Call For What [Facilities and Services, University of Toronto] (1995))

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