Daniela Roșu

I completed my PhD in the Department of Computer Science, University of Toronto, under the supervision of Prof. Igor Jurisica. I am currently a post-doctoral fellow with the Centre for Social Services Engineering, University of Toronto, working on the analysis, formalization and optimization of operations for the effective and efficient provision of goods and services to those who are vulnerable. Previously, I worked on clinical practice guidelines modelling, clinical decision support systems and automated planning techniques for healthcare workflows at the Telfer School of Management (University of Ottawa) and on applications of semantic technologies to business problem solving, e-learning, accounting and auditing at the Rotman School of Management (University of Toronto)

Research interests

I am interested in artificial intelligence and database technologies and their applications to biomedicine, business process management and e-learning. Much of my research is focused on formal representations of knowledge (ontologies) and their applications, spanning the following areas: On-going research projects