Girish Daswani is an Assistant Professor in Anthropology at the University of Toronto. He is a Social Anthropologist with a special interest in Ghana, the anthropology of religion, the anthropology of Christianity, the anthropology of ethics, diaspora and transnationalism. He received his PhD from the London School of Economics & Political Science in 2007.

Dr. Daswani conducted multi-sited research with members of a Ghanaian Pentecostal church in southern Ghana and London (U.K.). In his work he looks at how Pentecostalism – its religious intermediaries, ideologies, and rituals – subjectively frames and facilitates church members ideas of religious transformation and overseas travel.

His book manuscript focuses on the ethical practice of negotiating Pentecostal transformation in the lives of church members in both Ghana and London. He has also started two new research projects. The first is on a traditional shrine in Kumasi, Ghana, its relationship to Pentecostalism, and its transnational networks in Europe and North America. The second aims to delve deeper into the lives of male street traders in Kumasi and their struggles and aspirations for love, economic success, and overseas migration.



- Since 2009. Assistant Professor, Department of Social Sciences/Anthropology, UTSC/UofT (tenure track)

- 2007-2009. Assistant Professor (CLTA), Department of Social Sciences, UTSC.


  1. -2009. CERIS Research Grant, ‘Citizenship and Suburban Space: Intersections of Housing, Services, Identity and Belonging for Newcomers in Kingston/Galloway/Orton Park, Scarborough’, CN$12,500, Principal Investigator. Collaborators: Professors Susannah Bunce and Maggie Cummings.

  1. -2008. SSHRC Institutional Grant, Department of Social Sciences, UTSC (2007/08), ‘Spirit Mediums, Local Histories and Global Identities in Southern Ghana’, CN$2750, Principal Investigator.

  1. -2008 . Student Experience Fund (SEF), Student Summer Ethnographic Research Project, CN$3500, Co-recipient with Professor Maggie Cummings.


  1. -2009. Faculty and Staff Award: Scarborough Campus Student’s Union (SCSU), UTSC.