An Introduction to Statistics



STAB22: text and software

The text is "Stats: Data and Models" by DeVeaux, Velleman, Bock, Vukov, and Wong, Canadian Edition. It looks like this: text cover

Link to Course text. You are responsible for the lectures and text, except for the sections we mention; therefore, you do need a textbook and you do need to read it. We're aiming to cover Chapters 1 through 25. There are only two hours of lectures a week, so the lectures are only the highlights of each chapter. To get the full story, you need to read the text.

A copy of the text and student solutions manual are, or will soon be, on course reserve at the library.

The heavy calculations in the course are done with StatCrunch software; we will show you how this is used. This software is entirely web-based: all you need is a Java-enabled browser. Any operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux) can be used. StatCrunch is well worth the (small) effort to learn; it will enable you to analyze larger data sets and give you a more comprehensive understanding of what we are doing.

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