Accessing MyStatLab and StatCrunch

MyStatLab is an "online course delivery system" that goes with our textbook. It contains:

based on what you see in lectures and in the text.

StatCrunch is an online statistical package: it does calculations, draws graphs, etc., rather more easily than doing them by hand, and allows you to analyze real-sized data sets (as opposed to small "toy" ones that might illustrate particular ideas).

To get started, you'll need an ID and password. If you've used a textbook published by Pearson before, you'll have these. Either way, go to MyStatLab. Look for Register on the bottom right, and click Student. The first thing you'll need is the Course ID, which is butler33143. Then you'll be invited to log in or create an ID and password. For that, you'll also need a Student Access Code, which is in the card foldout that comes with the text (inside on the left page). If you have a used text, you may not be able to use the student access code that comes with it (they can only be used once); in that case you can purchase one online and then you'll be able to log in to MyStatLab.

The same ID and password will get you into StatCrunch. Go to the StatCrunch website (it can be slow to load up) and enter your ID and password at the top left. StatCrunch is entirely web-based; there is nothing to download or install, and it doesn't matter what operating system you're running. (I use it in Firefox under Linux with no problems, but it'll work just as well under, say, Internet Explorer on Windows or Safari on a Mac.) You need to have (or download) some (free) Java stuff to make it go, since that's what StatCrunch is written in.

Ken Butler