CSCD03: Course Information


There will be no exam in this course. Instead, your mark will be determined by a combination of writing assignments, in-class presentations, and participation.

Marking Scheme

Assignments30%Your best 6 assignments, worth 5% each
Presentations25%Group and individual presentations 12% each, News presentation 1%
Term Paper35%Proposal = 3%
Mid-term report = 7%
Final Paper = 25%
Participation10%This mark will be based on a combination of your in-class and online participation

Presentations are normally marked on 3 categories:

Late Assignments

Assignments will be submitted through Quercus. No late assignments will be accepted without a documented valid excuse (e.g., Doctor's note).


This is an inherently participatory class. Students are expected to attend all lectures. If you have to miss a lecture for legitimate reasons, you MUST contact the course instructor at the earliest possible opportunity (preferably before the start of the lecture).


You will be expected to provide feedback on all presentations. Sample feedback forms can be found here. This feedback will count for part of your participation mark. Thoughtful and helpful comments are expected.

Online Participation

A portion of your participation mark will come from online discussions on the course's Piazza forums. These online discussions are a chance for the topics we cover to extend beyond the few hours per week that we're together, and form a more pervasive discussion throughout the term.

Your Piazza posts will not be marked in the same way as an assignment would (i.e., we don't care about your linguistics and formality here), but you will be marked on your ability to participate actively and positively in the conversations held throughout the term, so it behooves you to ensure that your posts can be understood by everyone in the class, and also to treat the forum like you would treat a corporate e-mail discussion, maintaining a civil and positive relationship with everyone involved.

Ethical Behaviour/Plagiarism

We will debate many ethical issues in this course, but the University of Toronto Code of behaviour on academic matters and Code of student conduct will not be among them; rather, these will be taken as given, and students will respect them and follow their precepts.


Formatting and submission of written assignments

The assignments in the course will require short essays. You will find detailed instructions in the assignments page. Assignment lengths will often be specified as a certain number of words. This refers to the body of your text, and does not include the main heading, references, bibliography, or appendices.

All written assignments are also to be submitted electronically via Turnitin. The electronic copies may be used for checking for plagiarism in this and future terms. If you object to the use of turnitin, you must inform the course instructor well in advance of the first assignment being submitted

Clarity, neatness, and linguistic well-formedness all count towards the grade of the assignment. But the majority of marks are for well-supported arguments and comments based on good research.

Privacy Notice

In this course, you will be assigned a partner for your lecture presentation, and will be required to communicate with them outside of class time. The same grade will be given to each of you for the research and preparation component of the presentation. Your feedback to other students on their presentations will not be anonymous.

All student presentations will be recorded and made available to members of the class via WebOption. This is done in order to allow you to revisit presentations (particularly your own) in order to hone your presentation skills.

Normally, students will be required to submit their course essays to for a review of textual similarity and detection of possible plagiarism. In doing so, students will allow their essays to be included as source documents in the reference database, where they will be used solely for the purpose of detecting plagiarism. The terms that apply to the University’s use of the service are described on the web site.

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