CSCA48: Course Webpage


Welcome to CSCA48! This is an Introduction to Computer Science II at UTSC. This course builds on the skills covered in CSCA08 (Introduction to Computer Science I) to help you learn fundamental topics in Computer Science.

The primary keys to success in this course are:

Here is the course information sheet, which contains the course policies.

Contact Information

Instructor: Nick Cheng
Email: nick [at]
Office: IC348


2017-02-27: No Lectures/Office Hours March 6-10
Both Brian and Nick will be attending SIGCSE 2017 from March 7 - 10, and will be unavailable during that time. Practicals and Tutorials will carry on as normal.

2017-02-13: Ex5 - don't use built in function
I have added the following warning to the handout for Exercise 5: "In order to ensure that you’re doing the code yourself, we will take away access to the built in min and max functions. You code should not be using these functions in any way. (You shouldn’t need to use any built in functions). You should also not have any loops anywhere in your code." Some students may try to use built in functions for trivial components of the exercise, but they should be aware that the auto-marker will automatically give a zero if it detects any loops or use of built in functions.

2017-01-12: Anti Lectures
Anti lectures have been added to the schedule on Fridays from 3-5pm. For any students not familiar, anti lectures are an opportunity to get caught up on any material with wich you may require some extra help, or want to discuss further. They will be administered by TAs, and will cover any material that is required on a drop-in basis.

2017-01-05: Ramp up sessions
We will be holding a 'ramp-up' session on Friday January 6th 3-5pm aimed at students who took CSCA20 (or some other equivalent course) in lieu of CSCA08, to help them get caught up on material that they may not have covered. In room IC204.