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Virtual Security Office

Access Control/Electronic locks

Some doors within the university are electronically controlled and can be set on a schedule to open and close or remain locked at all times. Most of these doors also have a card reader which allows those with an access card to gain entry into the area regardless if the doors are locked. Requests for access cards can be made through Campus Safety & Security by filling out the appropriate authorization forms found here and returning the completed form to Carvill Lo – Campus Police Administrative Assistant. Authorization is granted either by the Departmental Designated Authority or Professor for the area where the card reader is. Staff requiring access cards must have the Departmental Designated Authority sign their form. Once your card is ready you will receive a call or email to pick-up the card from the Campus Police Office located at SW304. You will be required to bring ID and sign for receipt. Questions regarding access control, electronic locks or other security related questions can be directed to Michael Soberal - Manager, Physical Security, Fire and Parking -

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