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Virtual Security Office


Should a theft occur, please follow the guidelines below:

  1. Search all likely locations for the missing items first.
  2. Ask other co-workers if they have seen the missing items.
  3. Inquire as to whether or not any suspicious persons were seen in the area.
  4. Contact the Campus Police non-emergency number at 416-287-7398 to report the loss.

Anti-Theft Guidelines:

Although the University of Toronto Scarborough Campus is a relatively safe area, we are not immune to the theft of personal and university equipment. There are many reasons for this and no particular location is immune to theft. Almost all incidents of theft involve property that has been left unattended in a public space. We must remember that security is a shared responsibility. Any personal items of value should not be left out in the office. Secure valuables in a locked cabinet or drawer. S.T.O.P. plates can be purchased from the book store to deter thefts of electronic equipment. When not occupied, offices should always be left with the door closed and locked.

Theft of Information

To avoid the theft of information,  please ensure that all computers are locked or password protected when not in use.  All laptop computers should  either  be locked away in a secure area or secured to the desk with a security cable.  Desk drawers and filing cabinets should be locked at the end of each work day. Please also consider taking part in our S.T.O.P. program.

The company's Clean Desk Policy should be carried out whereby any and all documents pertaining to the company are secured away at the end of the work day or when the work area is unoccupied.



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