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Power Failure

Most power failures on campus are of a short duration.  During business hours the Engineering staff
will be dispatched to search for the problem and to restore power.  In rare cases the power failure cause
extends beyond the campus and it may require local and regional resources to restore power. 

In the event of a campus power failure lasting more that a few minutes:

1.   Equip your work area with flashlights and fresh batteries to be used during a power failure.

2.   Install uninterruptible power supply (UPS) units to critical equipment for emergency power
(5 to 15 minutes) during a power failure.  These UPS units will permit you to safely shut down critical equipment until power is restored.

3.   Stay calm.

4.   Notify the Campus Police Services at 416-287-7333 (Local 7333 –most telephones will work without power).
They will dispatch Engineering staff to respond to the failure.

5.  Do not use the elevators until the power has been fully restored.

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