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Virtual Security Office

Suspect Packages

What constitutes a "Suspect Package"?

Something that arrives unexpectedly and is possibly poorly addressed with incorrect titles, incorrect addresses, missing postal codes and/or no return address or a false return address.

The package could be heavier than its appearance would indicate, and it may be tied or taped up. The package might also prove to be unbalanced. It could smell of oil, almonds or any unusual odor. It could prove to be stained or marked.

Careful attention must be taken for any packages of this nature especially if addressed to an on-air personality, senior executive or high profile figures. It is better to be safe than sorry.

If you have received or discovered a package that you are concerned about please consider the following guidelines:

  1. Ascertain the ownership of the package. If it is unaccounted for, follow the  procedures listed below. 
  2. Do not handle the package, leave it where it is.
  3. Advise everyone to leave the area.
  4. Task one person with pulling the fire alarm station, commencing an evacuation.  Normally the decision to evacuate is made in consultation with the police.  However we have not had one of these in the past several years indicating our community is not prone to false reporting.
  5. Call Campus Police Emergency at 416-287-7333 or 911 and advise the police "We have a suspect package here at ................., it looks like (and give a detailed description of the package).
  6. Advise your management as soon as possible.
  7. Await the arrival of the police.

The person who is constantly in the area is the best suited to identify if anything looks suspicious or is out of place.  It is therefore important that you remain on scene until Campus Police arrive to assist them in searching for and identifying anything that may be of interest.

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