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Virtual Security Office

Health Hazard

It is vitally important that everyone play their part in reporting anything that constitutes a threat to the health and well being of our community members. Please consider the following courses of action if one of the following occurs:

Gas leak or a smell of Gas:

  1. Advise everyone in the affected area and make sure there are no open flames.
  2. Contact the Campus Police Emergency line at 416-287-7333 or Call 911 and advise the fire department.
  3. Evacuate the area.

Toxic Spill:

  1. Evacuate the area noting what type and amount of spill that has taken place.
  2. Stop entry into the affected area.
  3. Call the Campus Police Emergency line at 416-287-7333 or 911 and advise the fire department of the nature of the spill.

Fire Hazard:

  1. Report the hazard to the  Campus Police Emergency line at 416-287-7333.
  2. If possible and safe, remove the hazard (i.e.. blocked fire door).
  3. Any electrical hazards must be guarded until neutralized.
  4. Flammable materials should be removed to a safe area.
  5. Defective equipment must be shut down.

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