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Chemical Spill Procedures

Major Chemical Spill

  1. Evacuate immediate area.
  2. Call Environmental Protection Services (Hazardous Materials) at:
    416-978-7000 (8:30 - 4:30, Weekdays)

    After hours call Campus Emergency Control Centre:

  3. State your name, location, chemical(s) involved, and the amount spilled.
  4. Attend to any persons who may have been contaminated.

Consult the Material Safety Data Sheet for first aid information. Refer to "Chemical Spills on Body" for further information.

  1. Wait in a safe area for the response team. Your knowledge of the area will assist the team.
  2. Do not allow unauthorized personnel to enter the contaminated area.
  3. Report the incident to your supervisor and the Office of Environmental Health and Safety and to the local joint health and safety committee. Use the Accident/Incident/Occupational Disease Report" form.

Minor Chemical Spill Indoors

  1. STOP - THINK! Do not rush. Carefully plan cleanup.

The effects of a spill can be minimized with proper planning. The size, as well as the resultant hazard from a spill, partially determines the extent of the required precautions. Planning for emergencies such as spills must be an integral part of preparation for all experimental work.

  1. Decide if you can safely handle the spill; IF UNSURE, CALL 416-978-7000 FOR ASSISTANCE.
  2. If malodorous/hazardous vapours are generated from the chemical spill which can be spread outside the local area contact:

Environmental Protection Services (Hazardous Materials) (416-978-7000)
and the Scarborough Campus Police Emergency number at 416-287-7588.

  1. Eliminate all ignition sources if flammable material is involved.
  2. Turn on fume hoods to capture or direct flow of vapours.
  3. Confine the spill to a small area. Do not allow the material to spread. Dike, block or contain the size of spread of liquid spill by using appropriate absorbing material (vermiculite, commercial absorbent, etc).

Chemical Spill Outdoors

  1. Contain spill rapidly by diking with suitable material (kitty litter, vermiculite, etc.). Attempt to prevent chemical from contaminating ground water and sewer system. Cover opening to sewer if able to do so.
  2. Immediately call Environmental Protection Services (Hazardous Materials) at 978-7000 (8:30 - 4:30 Weekdays)

After hours call Campus Emergency Control Centre:

287-7333 - Scarborough Campus Police Emergency Number
Do not leave spill site unattended. Wait until assistance arrives.

  1. Report the incident to supervisor and to Environmental Health and Safety by filling out the Accident/Incident/Occupational Disease Report form.

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