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Virtual Security Office

Bomb Threats

  1. Confirm that the caller means to threaten the company.
  2. Ask why they are doing this.
  3. Request that they tell you where the bomb is.
  4. What does the bomb look like?
  5. What time will it explode?
  6. Ask caller for their name.

On completion of the call

  1. Write down as many details as possible (accents, background noise, male/female) using your Threatening Call Form as a reference.
  2. What was said?
  3. How was it said?
  4. Call your immediate Supervisor and Campus Police at 416-287-7333.
  5. If above is not possible call 911 and advise the local police
  6. Do not assume that leaving the building is the safer option
  7. Stay in your area (you know your surroundings better than anyone) until advice is received.

General Notes

Always be aware of what should or should not be in your area or work space. Strange packages, unexpected mail or unattended luggage should be identified.

"Suspect Packages" can sometimes have handwritten or vague addresses. They may smell of oil/almonds/marzipan and they could be taped or tied with string. Sometimes the package could seem heavier than expected or unbalanced. Always be cautious of unexpected packages. Please refer to "Suspect Packages" for further details.

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