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Departmental Representatives Committee

The Departmental Representatives Committee is comprised of approximately 60 administrative and academic business officers and financial assistants of the University of Toronto Scarborough. The committee meets at least five times per year. The committee is co-chaired by Helen Morissette, Director, Financial Services and Heather Black, Director, Human Resource Services.

The purpose of the committee is to provide a forum for information updates regarding current issues and developments on campus and for receiving feedback from administrative staff on changes to campus operations and new initiatives.

Agenda items for the meetings can be submitted to the Agenda Planning Committee for consideration. The current members of the Agenda Planning Committee are:

  • Nisbeth Ahmed, Business Officer, Academic Advising and Career Center
  • Shonagh Crawford, Administrative Coordinator, Department of Management
  • Adriana Koufis, Business Officer, Department of Physical and Environmental Science

For further information regarding the Departmental Representatives Committee please contact any one of the co-chairs or members of the Agenda Planning Committee. Disha Kapoor, HR Administrator, Human Resource Services, provides administrative support to this committee and can be reached at 416-287-7073 or by e-mail at

September 2017

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