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Campus Design & Development (CDD) Committee

The Campus Design & Development (CDD) Committee is an administrative committee mandated to ensure that proposed changes to campus facilities are aligned with the University of Toronto Scarborough’s short and long-term master plans and are specifically guided by a best practices approach to physical planning, design and construction consistent with the Policy on Capital Planning and Capital Projects.

The committee works in cooperation with UTSC’s Space Planning Committee in overseeing the physical development of the Scarborough campus that includes the assessment and approval of space plans and allocations. It is responsible for the renovation of existing facilities, infrastructure renewal projects including computing network infrastructure, and security systems. As delegated by the Vice-President, University Operations, CDD has the authority to approve projects with a value of up to $3 million and to recommend projects over $3 million and up to $10 million.

The Committee reports to the Principal of the University of Toronto Scarborough and Vice President University of Toronto.

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